The Gojek Clone app has pretty much revolutionised the on demand multi service industry. From using all the features of a good smart phone to amalgamating multiple services within the same streamlined fashion.  This app has turned the entire business model on its head.

This is why; smart and ambitious entrepreneurs across the globe are investing in their own on demand Gojek clone apps. Some are building it right from the ground up while others are fast tracking their success by purchasing a launch ready off the shelf Gojek Clone app built by a reputed on demand mobile app development company.

However, some cautious entrepreneurs still have doubts regarding the revenue generating model of that this app offers. This is why; we have dedicated this blog post to explaining how the Gojek Clone app can be use in order to generate more revenue.  Apart from explaining the multiple options that are available in this section and how you can pick the right one.


The basic purpose of any business is to make sure that adequate revenue is generate so that the business can be profitable as soon as possible. The profitability index too determines the rate of success that the company will have and the brand as a whole can be position in the market.

The Gojek Clone app is a unique tool that allows entrepreneurs who invest in it to capitalize on not just one source of income but to grow it to over 70 different sources. This is because, instead of offering a single service.  Which would imply getting commission from a single belt of service providers.  The app taps into 70 different types of services. This automatically ensures that the profitability and revenue generation multiples 70 times over!

Yes! That is a huge amount of money which is why many entrepreneurs are attracted to this business model. The Gojek Clone app basically allows service providers who offer any of the 70 services that are listed within the app (these services can be selected by the app owner) to use this particular app as their medium to reach out to their customer base directly in a digital fashion.

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This convenience comes at a cost in the form of a commission to the service providers. For this increased reach and growing revenue that they make, they have to pass on a commission in the form of a percentage to you (the app owner).

The beauty of the app is that this percentage of commission that you will be charging from the various service providers can be set by you. Therefore, you have complete control over how much money you wish to make! Since all services aren’t equal and are charged using different parameters.  You can set a different percentage of commission for each different type of service.

Apart from this, another interesting medium of earning revenue from the app is by making slots available on the app for promotional marketing and advertisements. You can allow service providers, restaurants, grocery shops and more to place their ads whether location wise or service landing page wise for a fee so that your service providers can increase their visibility and thereby their odds of growing their sales.


There may be over thousands of different Gojek clone apps available in the market. As we’ve mentioned above, some entrepreneurs choose to build their own Gojek Clone app by hiring their own team of on demand developers for android, iOS and website to set up their business. However, this is a costlier and more time consuming option.

A better alternative is to go for a launch ready Gojek clone app that can be white labelled to your custom requirements and made available for download on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store in a matter of a week.

A little research and due diligence will show you a list of all the reputed on demand mobile app development companies that have experience in building and launching Gojek Clone apps for clients from around the world.

Once you have short listed a couple of options, you can try to talk to them regarding your custom requirements such as adding your local currency (or even currencies) and choice of local language (or even multiple languages) to the app if you plan to launch it in a non-English speaking country.

The most important thing however, remains that you test the app pre purchase. Any good company that has confidence over the app that they have built will be able to set you up with a demo. This demo should be downloaded on multiple devices running on iOS as well as Android operating system.


  1. Does the app look and feel similar on both Android as well as iOS devices?
  2. Is it fast to download or is a heavy app that takes forever?
  3. How complex is the log in procedure?
  4. Is the app riddled with in app downloads?
  5. Is the app scalable?
  6. Are the service provider app and the user app easy to navigate?
  7. Generate live requests
  8. Accept and reject jobs
  9. Check out the admin panel

Once you have done all of this, do it once again. It is best to test the app a hundred times of need be before paying for it, rather than repenting an investment after your app is live in the market.

Make sure that the company that you purchase the app from takes complete responsibility of launching the app for you. This is because both the Google Play Store and the iOS app store have very stringent policies regarding app rejection. Making sure that the technical responsibility of the app lies with the developers keeps you secure from incurring losses.

If you have been waiting to make a lot of noise with your start up or to digitize your existing on demand multi service business, then the Gojek Clone App is the perfect solution for you. With the help of this app, you can be on your way to phenomenal profits quickly and easily. A one-time investment in a carefully built and well thought Gojek clone app is all you need to succeed.

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