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All The Reasons Tote Bags Are a Practical Bag Choice for Every Day

The day you find a bag that has all the right pockets while also making a style statement, you know you’ve got the right choice. But finding that bag is a long journey and is the reason why women have multiple bags for different occasions, no one bag can do it all.  

But there’s a bag that comes close. Tote bags have made a resurgence in recent years, and this has seen them becoming a staple in the wardrobes of women all over. They are no longer a one-note bag, they come in varying shapes and styles and are available in so many varieties from luxury tote bags to big brand options and indie choices. 

If you’re still wondering why a tote bag is a perfect choice for you, here are the reasons women everywhere are turning to these bags:

Adaptable Option

Totes are large and roomy bags that can hold almost anything. They can be used for everything from work to school to shopping to the beach. It is one of the few bags on the market that can be used in a variety of ways and is truly adaptable to your needs in a day.

Part of the reason these bags are so adaptable is how many materials they come in, including canvas, leather, cloth, and plastic, and are available in a wide range of patterns and designs. You can always find a tote that compliments your tastes. 

For example, the luxury market has a wide variety of tote bags in quality leather, and you can find these easily online. I just head to the official Louis Vuitton Australia website and start scrolling, the investment options are wide, and you know you’ll actually use the bag, despite it being a splurge. 

Totes can be used in a variety of different ways. They are strong enough to carry laptops and the accessories that go with them while still looking professional. Totes are also the ideal, stylish way for mothers to carry all of their baby’s necessities, like diapers, feeding bottles, and extra clothes and towels. You can take your tote from the workplace to the beach if you want as well. 

So here’s why tote bags are a great choice. 

It’s A Lasting Choice

Tote Bags have a reputation for being extremely long-lasting and durable, particularly when properly maintained. This is only true if you make a good investment, however, as this is only true of leather and canvas. This is why I prefer to make the effort and buy luxury tote bags, they are virtually guaranteed to last for decades with proper maintenance, and I’d rather keep a bag for a long time. 

Suits All Occasions

I’m a bag lover, so I own far too many clutches, purses and handbags that accumulate over time. But do I actually turn to these bags that often? No, I don’t. I pick up my tote bag. Many women feel this way as well, as the tote is a great choice for everyday, work, picnics, travelling and even more. If you choose a neutral colour, it’ll match most of your outfits as well.

It’s Very Sustainable

Whether you decide to use a canvas tote instead of a plastic bag or splash out on one designer bag to last you for decades, a great tote bag can replace many other bags and result in a return on investment that is actually a great choice for the environment. If you’re intending on leaving the planet a better place than you found it, a tote bag is a great choice. 

A Great Gift

Whenever I’m stumped for gift giving, I really think about whether they would enjoy a tote bag. People appreciate functional gifts, and whether you just get them a cute slogan tote bag or a more high-end bag, it doesn’t matter, they’re bound to love it. If in doubt, stick to neutral colours and you can’t go wrong. 

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