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Tips for Pest Proofing Your Apartment

Pest-proofing your apartment is crucial to keep your place free of pests. You must seal crevices and gaps with caulk and communicate with your roommates. You should also pay close attention to leaks and cracks.

Check for gaps, holes, cracks, and crevices

There are many steps on how to prepare your apartment for pest control. Many pests enter your apartment through small openings, such as cracks in exterior walls. Make sure to seal any cracks and holes that allow pests to get in. Some common entry points are cracked foundations, loose siding, and holes around utility lines. These can be closed by applying copper mesh, coarse steel wool, or sheet metal. You should also be aware of any cracks or openings you cannot see.

Besides sealing the gaps and cracks, you should also prevent pests from entering your apartment through doors. Inspect your doors and windows frequently to ensure they don’t have any rips or holes. Also, make sure to replace damaged screens and replace old weather stripping. If possible, use screen mesh that has 200 holes per square inch. You can easily find these types of screens at hardware and home stores.

Communicate with roommates

When pests have found a way into your apartment, the first step is to find where they’re coming from. Chances are they found an opening in a crack or crevice. To seal this off, close gaps or holes with steel wool, copper mesh, spackle, or joint compound. It would be best if you sealed off gaps under doors and sea lows. Install window mesh if necessary, and take care of any small holes before a pest comes to live in your apartment.

Inform your housemates of your worries if you have any. If there is a dispute, you should settle it amicably before one person becomes irate. You should consider getting in touch with Housing and Dining Services if you need help with this. They can assist you and your roommates in dealing with roommate issues.

Check for leaks

Checking for leaks is an essential part of pest-proofing your apartment. Pests thrive in damp and warm places, and leaks will encourage them to make their home in your apartment. By eliminating clutter and using organization systems, you can keep your apartment clean while keeping pests out.

Leaks are also a common source of moisture, and insects need this to survive. Even tiny leaks in pipes or cracked windows can attract insects. You should check for leaks in your apartment and alert management if you find any. Inspect windows, doors, and pipes for cracks and leaks to ensure that there are no sources of moisture.

Cracks around baseboards, appliances, pipes, and utility cables are common entry points for pests. If you notice any cracks or holes, seal them with screens or caulk. Regularly clean your apartment, and make sure your trash is in sealed containers. Also, keep a clean pantry to prevent pests from gathering food.

Seal cracks with Pyramid Aerosol

Pyramid Aerosol is a pesticide that controls various common household pests. It delivers an effective knockdown on contact and is ideal for cracks and crevices. Use it to seal cracks and crevices in the home and apartment, and use the caulking gun to seal cracks around the plumbing.

Pyramid insecticide is safe for humans and pets and should be applied according to label instructions. Afterward, wearing protective gear is essential, avoiding letting anyone enter the treated area until the product has dried completely. The best part is that Pyramid doesn’t leave a residual, so you can re-apply it as often as necessary. It is best to apply Pyrido indoors while the doors and windows are closed.

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