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Gojek Clone – Go Digital With One-Stop Solution Newly Featured Super App

The Gojek Clone App is ruling the world of the On-Demand Marketplace. On-Demand Services have taken over traditional businesses by catering to all age groups of people with whatever they want and whenever they want.

What Is the Gojek Clone App?

Gojek Clone is a White-label Script Solution built on scalable technologies; it fulfills your user’s demands based on allowing immediate access to a wide range of services.

The Super App is widely used for ordering food, booking a seat at a restaurant, grocery ordering, babysitters, pet walkers, lawyers, and more. It comprises 70+ on-demand services under a single roof.

Provide Excellent Services With Multi-services With An App Like Gojek

Gojek Clone App enables you to integrate 70+ on-demand services under one roof.

This readymade White-label solution promises a customer-inclined approach for better revenue-earning and automates business.

It comprises all the elements that your business requires to transform into a complete on-demand service provider.

This On-Demand Script Solution empowers your on-demand business like Gojek to fulfill customer demands efficiently.

Delivering excellent services, it provides seamless integration, quick and secured authentication, improved user experience, and allows you to have complete control over the system.

Invest In Gojek Clone – White-label Ready-Made Solution With New Features 2021 Explained

The Gojek Clone App is a feature-rich highly customizable that allows modifications to meet the needs of the businesses.

  • Taxi Booking: iWatch App

This allows you to get wider coverage of Apple users. The iWatch App provides quick bookings for your users, just as they do in the Uber-like Taxi Booking App.

  • Restricted driver’s fraud

The feature prevents the driver from marking “Arrived” until the driver has reached the said destination. This increases transparency within the app, thus attracting more customers.

  • Reassign the delivery driver

The Admin can re-assign the delivery to another driver. This happens under the following circumstances where there are delivery drivers available, the delivery executive has rejected the request, and the driver has confirmed but failed to take up the delivery request.

  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings

The feature allows the restaurant owner to take more orders. It enables to have multiple toppings/options so that users can add them accordingly. Thus increasing the order amount.

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Advanced rating flow and food items

The feature allows your customers to provide advanced ratings and feedback for the items they have availed. This allows in making improvements and enhancing the app performance, sorting out delivery-related issues, and more.

Location-wise banners/push-notifications/promo codes

The Admin can geo-fence the location to target the users by sending mass notifications, promo codes, and Ad banners. You can make your marketing campaign more effective and result-oriented.

Advanced and detailed service search

It saves time by offering keyword-based advanced and detailed service search. The users can find the item name/services by typing in the keywords.

Using Firebase for mobile number verification

Firebase from Google offers up to 10000 free mobile number verification. It curbs the pricey 3rd party SMS expenditure.

SKU Code

The SKU Code helps in identifying the code quickly. Thus, taking minimum time in processing the order without any goof ups.

Add-on Features Of Gojek Clone App

Integrating your App with these additional add-ons will keep you ahead of the competition. As you can see, there are no on-demand multi-services apps that provide these features.

Let us explore what these features are and how they help in keeping your business ahead.

Genie of Delivery

Allow your customers to hire a “Delivery Genie” that will fulfill their on-demand by being delivered to their doorstep. Whether it is about getting party supplies or, a grocery pickup from the stores, the Delivery Genie handles it flawlessly.

Booking services through the website and phone calls

Not everyone is tech-savvy and knows how to operate an app. You will lose customers by not having a responsive website and, a phone call facility.

The Gojek Clone comes with a Website and a Phone Call that takes booking services from the users. The orders are despatched like they do in the App.

Shop with confidence.

Even though we are recovering from the pandemic, people still prefer to handle their day-to-day tasks using Gojek Apps. The App comes integrated with the COVID19 safety features that ensure your user’s safety. It has facemask verification, safety checklists, safety badges, safety ratings and reviews, ride cancellations, and uploading kitchen images of the restaurants that give a glimpse of their safety practices, and more.


In conclusion,

If you are a start-up or already an entrepreneur, consider venturing into this ever-growing on-demand multi-service industry using the Gojek Clone App.

Approach an app development company like V3Cube, a leading name when it comes to developing clone apps.

A readymade app solution allows you to customize the features and themes the way you want your on-demand business to be.

Once you take the demo, we guarantee you that you will never leave us. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly launch the Gojek Clone App to multiply your revenue.

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