Steps to Optimize Your Network for VoIP

 Because of the Covid- 19, the people would like to stay at home. Most VoIP services are running over a signal. The corporate network provides an opportunity to the house. It means a lot of work in the IT department; Here you must know :

In the age of technology, everyone uses the internet to share knowledge. You use different multimedia to connect with our dear ones. The internet can be used for many purposes If you make your voice crystal clear. 

Mobile phones and headsets use specific Telecom networks. 

VoIP is proving to be very helpful to answer the calls. The meaning of VoIP is (voice-over-internet Protocol). It allows you to use the broadband internet protocol to make voice calls rather than using the traditional telephone. That is not preferred in many ways. It needs to be optimized to get the best results. 

Here you find the six steps to optimize your network for VoIP. 

1. Need to make sure your internet connection works properly:

You must be careful while choosing the internet service provider to make VoIP calls. It requires a fast and uniform internet connection. Some people preferred a wired connection over a wireless connection. The separate cable is used in the wired connection to make a connection with the device to the network.  Each cable transmitted the data with the same speed.

Wifi should give more preference to mobile internet networks when a wired connection is not available. The quality of VoIP calls depends upon the type of internet connection. You must always go with the option to choose a high-quality ISP ( internet service provider rather than go with the option of the local one and complain about the problems.

2. Be aware of the Security issues:

The rate of cybercrimes is going to increase day by day. Once your device is connected to the internet. You are no more safe from hackers. If you want to secure your VoIP lines and secure your data lines. The VoIP network infrastructure should apply the appropriate firewall settings and install spyware and antivirus. The proper installation of the malware installs properly.

In this way,  hackers can easily find the chance to interrupt VoIP calls. It also creates obstacles in the voice and data lines.

If your system has good malware and installs a good hacking protection program. You can experience a smooth calling experience and your voice is not interrupted. It depends upon the quality of the antivirus and the firewall policies. How effectively and smoothly your voice calls run through VoIP. 

3. Choose High-End Hardware:

 The hardware consists of telephones, mobile headsets, and computers. Sometimes hardware also creates VoIP network issues. If they are not properly updated

Hardware consisting of your telephones, mobile handsets, computers, etc. It may create a lot of issues. The low-grade hardware creates an issue in order to connect with devices. You also face the problem of echo. Turning down the volume helps to overcome the problem for a while. If you are using high-end hardware, you will observe the quality of VoIP calls improves in many ways. For example: if you have an Xfinity router, you will need to use an Xfinity router login to get access to the best network through using the hardware.

The component you are using in the hardware must have excellent software compatibility. You must require a fast internet connection and use high-end computers and other compatible devices. 

4. Good Bandwidth:

It is a best practice to increase your bandwidth as you are using the number of lines. At least, you must use 100 KBPS (0.1 MBPS). It is used in both directions to prevent Packet data loss. You need to make sure to use the right VoIP calls. For example, if you are using the right 10 voice calls, you must require 1000 KBPS. you require 1 MBPS bandwidth.

You just need to make sure your internet connection must have good bandwidth for calls. You can use any kind of network.

When your voice is converted into data. It will further be converted into voice packets. The bandwidth plays an integral role to perform the operations smoothly. The higher the bandwidth, It will also improve the quality of VoIP calls.

5. Checking Cables:

The traditional and outdated telephone system mostly uses CAT-3 grade cables. The cables are used for telephones, data networking, and broadband. The CAT-5 Data cables are used for the higher grade cable. It assures the best quality of services.

All cables are an integral part of the VoIP infrastructure. You don’t need to compromise to choose the different wires. You need to make sure that every cable is connected to the hardware and all devices in an accurate way. It is quite easy to remove the cable from a particular device. It would not create some serious issues. So, you must check that you are using the right cable to connect with your devices. Make sure, the right quality of cables or connected with the right place.

6. Make Sure You Don’t Have Hubs On Your LAN:

If you are using LAN ( Local area network or you are connected to many hubs. It has become the cause of bad phone calls. If you want to get the best VoIP call, Each device should have its own connection. 

If your VoIP infrastructure is using multiple Ethernet switches or you are using a single cable. It will affect the quality of calls. 

Whenever a LAN (Local Area Network) is connected to many hubs, it leads to bad voice calls over VoIP. For getting the best out of VoIP USA calls, each device should have its connection to your switch. If your VoIP infrastructure has multiple Ethernet switches for sharing single cables, your call quality will suffer. 

Make sure, you must use a separate link to attach the device or use the hardware along with the fast network connectivity. It creates positive results when performing VoIP operations. You can connect several hubs to your landline. It leads to network trafficking and leads to overlead glitches in VoIP calls. You can extend the hub. 


The appropriate implementation of the above-given steps provides the solution. It also ensures the quality of service along with the broadband connection or using the wi-fi. VoIP is a safe and secure and reliable source of the voice. 

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