Grow Up Your CRM Business By Using Twilio SMS Product

As many people & companies do use online SMS services to communicate with their customers. To give a diverting solution to their customers, this magnificent channel is good enough. After knowing all its needs we developed a prominent product known as “SuiteCRM Twilio SMS”. You already know that Twilio SMS API service gives you exhilarating profits. But are you really aware about how beneficial this extension is for your CRM Business?

Define Twilio SMS

A plugin that offers live chat benefits from CRM helps businesses to communicate faster with the customers. You can use it to increase your customer support service level. 

When adopting this product a chat box will appear on your screen. It will appear when you click on the message icon near to the phone number of the recipient. 

In addition to this, it has a one-click SMS sharing concept. There is no lengthy method to send/receive messages between both parties. Fast communication and live-chat methods are awesome! 

What’s the biggest benefit of this online SMS service plugin?

It will provide the feature of sharing pre-built SMS templates. Through the chat box, you can send templates in just one tap. Nothing complicated for any user. 

For example: You have seen that a few of your existing customers canceled their subscription for one of your powerful products. You don’t have a single clue about the reason behind why existing customers are canceling the product. 

Instead of sharing “Product cancellation” email templates through other platforms, you can shoot templates from the chat box of Twilio SMS

You will see the option “Click to choose template” and you can shoot pre-built direct messages to those existing customers. A one click and the message will be delivered to them. Very simple and faster! 

Do you need an instant report of SMS activity?

If you adopt this addon to seek great online SMS service then you can also take advantage to get instant reports. Yes, that’s right! The Outright Store can offer you this top-level feature. 

Perhaps your manager wants instantaneous SMS reports in the middle of the day for any reason. This product can offer you functionality. It will share all crucial insights the manager needs related to SMS activity. 

Additionally, you will get an SMS report at the end of that too. An email you will receive related to the details like total SMS sent/received, the number of replied SMS, missed SMS, and so on. 

A single customer at a single time? No! 

A bunch of customers have queries to resolve them faster. Handling one customer at one time is not a good option. You can lose the rest of the others when you don’t get in touch with them on time. 

For this, we are giving the functionality of handling multiple customers at once. A separate chat window will open for every customer and you can start dealing with them. This is also wonderful for productivity to soar. 

When you start the conversation, include emojis too for making that conversation more interesting. Emoji sharing facility is available in the chat box. Moreover, a user can use the chat box in the list view, detail view, and sub panel. 

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