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Problems You Can Solve Single Handley by Using the WhatsApp Screen Recording

After the pandemic, our organization went through some severe changes. The amendments applied to work style, employees, working hours, and most importantly the overall work environment. It was a tough period for all of us but we managers went through hell. It was like we were being sandwiched between the higher authorities’ orders and staff complaints. We had to satisfy the boss that the employees are doing their best to cope with the missing things. At the same time, the employees had to be handled with care as they have to get adjusted to remarkable changes which were being bombarded to us in one night.

One of the biggest changes was getting adjusted to the digital shift. Most of the business and coordination with clients and customers were shifted to the digital mode because of the pandemic protocols and all. Hence there were all sorts of new meeting methods, tools and gadgets to get used to and most of the employees were not ready. They had to because there was no other option left for them. So slowly we all were trying to adjust to the new work environment. We were relying on WhatsApp for most of the coordination among the employees, clients and customers so soon the issues started. Many customers stated complaining about the late response, complaints about wrong deliveries, then there were problems among clients coordination and meeting and so on. We were trying our best to cope with the extra workload but it was too much. Managers were frustrated and it was overall a mess. Higher authorities were watching the scenario so as a back up they gave us a spy app employee monitoring features that included WhatsApp screen recording of the employees. At first when we did not know about the tool and its benefits we took it as an extra workload. But soon when we learnt about the details of the app and how it can help manage our workload it was a sign of relief.

  • According to reports, WhatsApp is preferred by 54% of customers to follow up about their order track delivery status and more.
  • 50% of employees use WhatsApp to have alerts about any event., webinar notifications and more.
  • WhatsApp is a preferred medium for roughly 39% of people a customer care service.

Let’s talk about the WhatsApp screen recording feature in detail.

WhatsApp screen recording :

WhatsApp screen recording feature is one of the social media and instant messenger chat app monitoring features offered by TheOneSpy. The features save a lot of the problems related to the digital use of the app in the Business.

  • With an opportunity to make WhatsApp groups of hundreds of people the app is used for promotion and marketing. It is necessary to make sure only quality content is shared in such groups as the promotional tactic can backfire in case of low-quality material or content sharing. With WhatsApp screen recording, keep an eye on the employees who are responsible for this duty and make sure they make no mistakes in this sensitive matter.
  • One can check how good or bad any product or service is doing with the help of the WhatsApp screen recording No need for old-style meetings instead all you need to do is visit the relevant group and customer’s order details and coordinate to know how things are going for a specific product.
  • Assuring a safe and toxic-free online environment and saving the employees from weirdo customers is also the duty of the employers. WhatsApp screen recording feature can timely alert you about any harassment or bullying incident and you can take action right away.

TheOneSpy spy app offers a user-friendly interface so even managers who are not that much into gadgets and smart tech liked it. It is easy to handle the app and the relevant features easily. The number of features offered by the TheOneSpy spy app for employee monitoring is marvelous and can practically help managers in so many different ways. The best part was that everything is stored on the online portal of the app. All you need to do is log in to the account and check the individual details of certain employees.

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