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Points to Keep in Mind When Writing a Dissertation Proposal

If you have been assigned the task of writing a dissertation proposal. So it is not wrong to say that you are from a group of students who are overwhelmed with tons of ideas and baffled about compiling them in one single unit. (Kumar, S et al.) Although the smarter ones don’t even think about wasting a single second and opt for Masters Dissertation Proposal Help online. While the other group of intelligent ones searches for the ideas that might help them write an effective dissertation proposal.

However, there is a list of questions that keeps on striking the mind of the students when they are writing a dissertation proposal for the first time. The questions are similar to the ones listed below;

  • What is meant by the term proposal?
  • What is the procedure of writing a dissertation proposal?
  • Can we rely on MBA Dissertation Proposal Writing Service providers?
  • How to make our proposal approved in one go?
  • What does it entail to write a good proposal?

How can I read the mind of my supervisor and act accordingly to get my proposal accepted?

There are a lot more questions than the ones mentioned above. Whereas there is no need to stress up your mind with these haunting questions. Don’t worry; there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Discussing all the questions at once would be a strenuous task, so here we will be discussing a few leading questions that can lead your way to an effective dissertation proposal.

What is a Proposal?

A proposal is somehow a summary of a dissertation. Although it is responsible for many more points at the same time. A proposal focuses on choosing the right title and formulation of the deliverance effectively. Rejection of the proposal will directly connect you with the failure of the dissertation writing plans. As the acceptance of the proposal is the permission of writing a dissertation. It contains all that you will be covering in your dissertation.

A proposal gives the supervisor a briefing about the;

  • Topic
  • Way of writing
  • An approach that you will be using
  • Aim and objects
  • Reason for choosing the particular topic
  • Supporting statement for the dissertation
  • The reference for that authenticate the information provided

The proposal further works on the formulation of the research question. It is being covered as a detailed part. You will mention everything in between the sources of extraction of the information till the reasons for choosing the bunch of pieces of information and samples.

Points To Keep in Mind When Writing a Dissertation Proposal

When writing a proposal, you need to be wide awake and keep a few crucial points in your mind. The importance of a proposal is crystal clear in the above aspects that a proposal covers. You need to be more alert when writing a proposal than you will be when writing the final dissertation. As an approved proposal is the gateway to your dissertation. With this being said, your proposal needs to be;

  • Impressive
  • Effective (Terrell, S. R. (2015)
  • Authentic
  • Make a connection with your field of study
  • Reliable
  • Professionally written


To incorporate these elements in your dissertation proposal, you need to keep a few points in mind when working on it. Mentioned below are the crucial points that are the must-haves in your mind.

  • Select a topic that is both; relevant to the field of studies and based on current affairs.
  • Maintain the right tone and language and remain consistent with the same throughout the dissertation
  • Try to be non-technical when writing the description
  • Stay focused on your topic; however, you can give various examples and share information but don’t part your way with the main topic.
  • Add on the multi-disciplines as much as possible as they are critical to getting your dissertation proposal approved.
  • Plan out the ways to add on the facts and figures and avoid the vague statements
  • Make sure that you concise your ideas as a dissertation proposal is not long as the dissertation.
  • Work on the ways to make your proposal free of errors at It is the first impression of your dissertation.
  • Keep a note to showcase your passion for the topic you choose to write on.
  • Make the author acknowledge the author everywhere you have penned down their information and content; this decreases your risk of plagiarism.
  • Create originality in your proposal. This comes with a question that;( Al-Shukaili, A

What is Originality?

Originality in the proposal refers to a study that has never been done before. You choose to work on it. However, it is understood that none of us is so lucky that we can do a deep study on a topic entirely on our own. Now another question might strike your mind under this;

How to Create Originality?

The originality of your proposal can be constructed even when taking assistance with the information provided on the online platforms. Here is how you can add originality to your proposal;

  • When taking information from the internet, you can add n some real-life examples that you have come across, maintaining the relevancy with the topic.
  • Connect two or more disciplines together that have never been done before
  • Fetch out the related problems and solutions according to the current time.
  • Work on comparing the particular topic from one region to that of the other region.


When working on your bachelor’s Master’s or PhD dissertation proposal, keep in mind all the aspects of working smartly. A dissertation proposal is a gateway to your dreams. You will have the power to jump across every hurdle once you get your dissertation proposal approved. So invest your time in the critical part of your life before it’s too late.

Make every possible effort that may fall in favor of your dissertation proposal to get accepted.


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