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Utilize educational technology to support pedagogy in the classroom

Utilize educational technology to support pedagogy in the classroom

Utilizing educational technology in the classroom is one of the most effective ways to improve student performance. Research shows that using educational technology significantly improves learning outcomes.

Technology can be used to support pedagogy, especially when it comes to online classes.

Encourage Student Participation in Online Classrooms by Offering Rewards:

By offering rewards for participation, you can increase students’ motivation to participate in online classrooms. It includes when you could provide points for completing activities and quizzes, or for volunteering for classroom activities, debates, and other activities. This enables them in the development of various social and life skills like communication, public speaking, forming opinions on topics, or sticking to something that they believe.

It helps the students and encourages them to take active participation in all the activities which will help them learn. Moreover, it encourages the students to see results and growth in themselves due to various activities they have been performing, making them more confident.

Conduct Group Projects using Learning Management Systems:

 With a learning management system (LMS), faculty can create groups for projects and assign tasks to each member of the group. Students can then submit their assignments to the LMS. It also provides a space where students can view their classmates’ work and discuss how they could contribute to the project next time around.

This allows students from different schools or universities who are studying together to work on group projects in an environment that is more conducive to learning than regular classrooms.

Enable Animation, Video Content, and PPTs to teach Concepts:

Online courses can also enable animation, video content, and PowerPoint presentations to teach concepts more effectively than conventional lecture-style teaching methods. Animations help students visualize concepts more easily because they allow them to see how certain concepts apply in real-life situations. They also make learning new material easier by providing context clues.

This helps students retain information better and make better connections between the content being taught and their own experiences with the subject. It also enables better memory and learning environments which eliminates the monotonous methods of a teacher-oriented classroom.

Give Rewards for High Attendance in Classroom

Providing rewards for high attendance in class is another way that technology can help with student engagement. The teacher can also give rewards to students who are high in attendance. The students will get more incentives by attending more classes than others.

Give accurate Feedback and Guidance to the students using the Exam management system

The exam management system is software that keeps track of exams and their results. 

The exam management system helps the teachers to understand the performance of every student based on their answers in the exam. It helps them to keep track of the topics and subjects which are difficult for the students collectively. They can guide the weak students in particular topics or subjects as per their exam performance.


The rising digitization and integration of technology in education are helping the institutes to improve their ways of teaching, implement new educational methods, and integrate new teaching-learning approaches for better learning outcomes. The ERP solutions are highly secure, robust, and easy to use by all the institute’s faculty members and teachers.

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