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Perks of Getting Xfinity X1 TV and Internet

In today’s time, TV and entertainment are a luxury and it has become quite difficult to spend on entertainment. Well, a lot of services are selling TV and internet in bundles, making people save loads of money. However, what sets Xfinity apart, in this case, are the perks that come with bundling two services. When it comes to bundles, service providers rarely provide so many benefits in one bundle, meanwhile, Xfinity X1 has a long list of benefits that make your internet as well as TV service the best. So, you can enjoy TV as a luxury with the best visual quality, loads of content, internet security, personalized content, accessibility, speed, and a lot more.

Xfinity Internet is a widely available internet in over 36 states in the US and comes with speeds up to ultra-high gig speeds. Xfinity Cable TV is a widely available TV service that allows you to watch on-demand content, stream live TV, and stream your favorite sports, entertainment, as well as music in ultra 4K HD. To find out more about the benefits of Xfinity X1 TV and the internet, read along.


Starting with Xfinity Internet, Xfinity is known for its ultra-high gig speeds. The download and upload speeds are super high and make your streaming, or gaming smooth. It often happens that if you get a TV service that provides 4K streaming options, your internet does not cooperate and your streaming gets disturbed. With Xfinity’s speed, you can watch your Ultra 4K movies and shows smoothly without excessive loading.


When it comes to accessibility, because of being widely available, Xfinity is super accessible. In terms of the internet, you get 20 million free Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide which you can connect to on the go. It eventually saves you from unsecured open networks and provides you with the internet you require. Besides, when it comes to streaming, we often want to stream shows when we are out somewhere. With Xfinity Stream App, you can stream shows anywhere, and on any device that you have at hand.


It is naturally the case when you get Xfinity’s services bundled, you save a lot of money. You save time, energy, money, and you get all your services in one place. So, it also saves you the hassle. With Xfinity X1 TV and internet bundled, you get many perks for a very good price and major accessibility, which creates value for money.


When it comes to security, Xfinity offers you maximum security in terms of the internet as well as TV. They also have a whole home security service, but keeping that aside, Xfinity internet security keeps you safe from viruses, malware, and notifies you of all potential threats, risks, and attacks. It also allows you to monitor your child’s devices and control their use of the internet. Similarly, Xfinity TV allows you to monitor and control what your child watches.

Sports Zone

Well, if you are a sports lover, and enjoy all kinds of sports content, Xfinity X1 TV has a Sports Zone where you get live games, shows, sports news, and highlights. Customers can also follow their favorite players, teams, and check live stats and scores of their games. They can also receive notifications based on the teams they follow. The option is there to make things easy and accessible for sports lovers. So, if you are a sports lover, Xfinity will pretty much cover everything for you.

Kids Zone

Xfinity Kids Zone comes with Xfinity TV and provides access to movies, TV shows, and content that is age-appropriate for your kids. It allows you to put parental controls and monitor your child’s watch time. It also allows children to choose from their favorite shows and genres as it comes with a wide variety of content.

Add On Options

If you are someone more specific about the content you watch and also want a full TV service you’re your home, Xfinity TV gives you the option to add on more channels. You can add premium, entertainment, sports, and international channels according to your preference and enjoy your favorite channels in one place. It also allows you to customize your channels according to your preference.

Allows You to Schedule DVR Recordings

If you have a favorite show that is only aired live and is not available anywhere in the streaming services, Xfinity allows you to schedule DVR recordings, so that you can record, download, and watch your favorite shows later. It allows you to record up to six shows at once, store hundreds of shows, fast forward, rewind fast forwards ads, and much more. If you are a sports lover, you even get to jump between NFL game moments and watch highlights.

Advanced Search Features

Xfinity X1 TV allows you advanced search features such as voice search. You get an extensive library of on-demand shows and content that you can search from and has content for all preferences. Besides, it also provides you with personalized suggestions based on your searches. So, you already get your preferred content lined up for you.


4K Ultra HD

Even if you don’t get Xfinity X1 TV, Xfinity internet comes with a free Flex 4K Streaming TV Box which allows you to watch content in 4K Ultra HD. You also get a whole library with Ultra 4K content to search from. So, when it comes to the TV you already get a good enough TV box for free that has all the best content.


Other Features

Xfinity offers several other features such as live TV, live and on-demand music, a free Peacock premium account, and streaming in one place. While these are the features you might get in other services too, they do count.

All in all, Xfinity is a great and affordable service that creates great value for money and is super cost-effective. You get loads of services and convenience in one place and it doesn’t even make you waste all your savings These are just two Xfinity services, if you see all other services, together they create great value for money, come in a budget, and also allow you to have a premium experience.

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