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The Best Online Whiteboard Apps for Small Businesses Working Remotely

Best Online Whiteboard Apps for Small Businesses with Remote Workers

We will discuss the specifics of the top online whiteboard applications for small businesses so that you can limit your alternatives.

Even a year ago, our remote work tools were beginning to improve. But there was still much space for innovation and development. The whiteboard, a simple mainstay, has made a significant jump into the digital realm. There are numerous tools available to assist you to combine the benefits of technology with the advantages of visual collaboration, training, and brainstorming.

Must-Haves for Collaboration That Won’t Break the Bank

Even a year ago, our remote work tools were improving, but there was potential for innovation. The pandemic surprised the business world, but it also taught us to use technology and AI to improve remote work and company.

Not merely for collaboration and communication. Yes, they are important for any team, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how technology and automation are changing business.

Today’s online whiteboard tools include:

  • Computerization of Human Resources and Payroll.
  • Coordination through Messaging and Working Together.
  • Scheduling and the establishment of appointments.
  • Social media management.
  • Project management.
  • Applications for daily activities and routines.
  • Notetaking apps.
  • Tools for billing and invoicing customers.

…and more!

Collaborative technologies

Businesses typically ignore collaborative technologies like online whiteboard apps when upgrading CRM, billing, and other mission-critical tools.

We can help. The simple whiteboard has made a leap into the digital universe, and there are plenty of tools to help you combine technology with visual communication, training, and brainstorming. All have unique features and applications. We’ll list the best whiteboard apps for a small company to assist you to choose.

How did we decide on a better online whiteboard?

How do you know when you’ve found a great online whiteboard tool? Creating a collaborative solution using any design or sketch tool is possible in a pinch, but if you’re constantly sharing bad visuals, limited information, or striving to construct better presentations, an online whiteboard tool is most likely what you’re after. In order to get the most out of these, you’ll want to have the following features:

Collaboration Features: When choosing a whiteboard tool, the features that make it easy to work together should be at the top of your list. Look for tools that make sharing and communicating easy, like those that let you share files and sync across devices. Your team won’t miss a beat if you find a solution that lets people work together in real-time.

File Sharing: You should also choose a tool that makes it easy to attach files, links, images, and other content without any problems. Sharing should be easy, no matter if you’re attaching from a hard drive, the cloud, or somewhere else.

Mobile Accessibility: The world of working from home today is also very mobile. So, if you’re going to buy a new whiteboard app, you should make sure everyone can use it, no matter where they are. Today, there are a number of apps and tools that work in the cloud and can be used on different platforms, such as Android and iOS.

Presentation Options: Think about the different features of the app, like online sharing and exporting, as well as other ways you can show your online whiteboards to the team, clients, and other people. These are often the most important part of your collaborations, so they need to be easy to show and work with.

Unlimited Canvas Size: This is one area where digital whiteboards excel above their physical counterparts, and we intend to take advantage of this as much as possible. When you upgrade to a digital tool, you should no longer be concerned about the size or intricacy of the content you are sharing or creating.

There are many more capabilities, but these should be on your shortlist when looking at the top online whiteboard applications for the small companies below. You can also use automation, AI, speech-to-text, and more. What you find will impress you.

Visual Collaboration Platform – MIRO

Miro is an excellent pick to start the list because it’s available online and on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. This application lets you choose from a long list of whiteboard and collaborative templates, including customer mapping, UX design, and social planning.

You may add several templates to a board, scroll, zoom, and add sticky notes. Miro Marketplace offers app connectors and solutions for updating, syncing, and collaborating across platforms. The monitoring and control tools assist executives to guide collaboration.

Fastest Visual Collaboration Web Whiteboard – DOJOIT

Draw and write text simultaneously without having to switch tools. Collaborate without interruption while taking visual notes, brainstorming, and more (Patent-pending).

Visual Collaboration on a Whiteboard: The fastest visual collaboration whiteboard for teams that work in different places, allowing brainstorming, mind mapping, and ideation in real-time.

Whiteboard for online brainstorming sessions: Dojoit’s visual whiteboard canvas facilitates real-time team ideation. Participation from all participants is encouraged for straightforward mind-mapping, brain-netting, and starbursting, as well as any other method of your choosing. Asynchronously add ideas between sessions to sustain momentum.

Collaboration software that allows for annotations on whiteboards: Capture and compile the real-time feedback of your team on the concepts, ideas, drawings, and photos that are being discussed. The simplicity and swiftness with which visual feedback may be added in Dojoit’s ensure that every session is interesting. It is regardless of the stage at which the concept or design is being developed.

So simple that absolutely anyone can do it: Learning is reduced to almost nothing thanks to our user-friendly design. Start working together straight away and don’t hesitate to dive in.

Formulation of Plans and Strategies: Using our visual collaboration whiteboard, everyone can engage regardless of where they are in the world. Think up ideas, discuss them, and create plans. Refine and monitor your plan on the same board again and over again as you refine and monitor progress.

Notes Taken During Real-Time Meetings: Take real-time meeting notes on the visual collaborative whiteboard, allowing everyone to contribute their ideas. Maintain communication during the meeting and record action items. Maintains a record of the discussion for subsequent reference.

Virtual Teams’ Best Visual Collaboration Tool: Dojoit’s visual collaborative whiteboard provides a shared learning place for students, teachers, and professionals of all kinds.

Inspiration for an Online Whiteboard Tool

Visual conversation is a way for people to work together to come up with ideas and make decisions. It’s a unique online whiteboard. It lets you draw out your ideas and write at the same time by typing where your mouse cursor is. Set up your ideas however you want and share them with your team. Dojoit’s canvas is flexible and easy to use. It can be used in many different ways and encourages online teamwork.

Collaborative Intelligence – MURAL

MURAL is a whiteboard program that lets you build unique whiteboard areas that resemble Photoshop displays. You may arrange, resize, and rearrange them, and templates, color coding, prebuilt grids, and other features assist create structure.

This amazing team tool allows you to limit permissions by project, board, or user. You can build remote meeting collaborations, let users vote on boards, and integrate with daily tools and applications.

Online Whiteboard and Team Collaboration Software – STORMBOARD

Storm board looks like a sticky note tool, but it’s much more. Each sticky note has its own whiteboard, creating opportunities for small businesses with huge ideas. When you create a Storm, you can add ideas immediately, collaborate, and view and modify in real-time.

Storm board is unique because it saves each iteration of ideas as you go so you can review, change, and measure progress. Keeping a whole board in one note simplifies this. You can chat, assign tasks, and link with Trello, Zippier, and email.

Virtual Whiteboard – LUCIDPARK

Lucidspark is a collaborative whiteboard application that enables users to bring their best ideas to life. This application provides an intuitive interface for transforming ideas into concepts and subsequently presentation-ready content. You may even design your own workflows and combine them with all of your standard tools. There are also chat capabilities and breakout boards.

Users are able to vote on collaborations and whiteboards, and you can even import with Miro and other applications. It is simple to share real-time collaborations, and a timer option and freehand drawing tools are offered. It begins with a free edition, and paid subscriptions are also remarkably inexpensive. This application is a component of the Lucid Suite, a collection of visual collaboration tools.

Collaborate Better – InVision App

The best whiteboard lists on the Internet always put InVision at the top, and for good reason. This tool has a lot of features that make it a great choice for anyone who wants to work together better. This platform has more than 5 million users and a lot of tools and ways to connect with other services. There is also a mobile app for Android and iOS, as well as access through the cloud.

With InVision, you can pick the app for any kind of collaboration. It has animation, data linking, a digital canvas, tools for managing ideas, reporting and analytics, tools for giving presentations, and tools for taking screenshots. You can use the tool to make prototypes and do a lot more. Interactive parts make sure that everyone feels like they’re making a difference, and everything happens at the same time.

Next Level Collaboration – COLLABOARD

On-premises or cloud-tenant hosting options are available for businesses that want a self-hosted solution for their remote collaboration needs. For maximum scalability and agility, this app offers real-time online collaboration tools, mobile access, a desktop interface, and even cloud access. There is also a lot of help accessible. Chat and brainstorming tools are included in the software.

There is a free version of Coll aboard for individual users and a free trial of premium subscriptions. Online meeting and workshop tools, such as whiteboards, can be found for less than you’d imagine. No matter what type of creative partnerships you’re involved in, simply open the browser or the mobile app and get to work.


Remote work is easy with the correct tools. It can be better than sitting in the office—no one wants to spend 4 hours in the conference room, no matter how nice the food. Although organizations were forced to innovate, the result has generated a new market of specialty tools and apps for communication, collaboration, and enabling businesses remain running despite the shutdown.

These tools can help your brainstorming and collaboration sessions, no matter your business. Whether you choose a free tool or a dynamic platform, you’ll boost teamwork and business.

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