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Background Check for Amazon Flex- What you need to know

If you enjoy traveling without much human interference, why not get paid for doing it? If you are looking for a job where you like to take charge of yourself at work, then consider applying for the Amazon Flex job. It is one of the best services out there to let ridesharing drivers earn a profitable income.

Driving for Amazon delivery is much similar to driving for DoorDash or Postmastes where you are making deliveries. However, instead of making food deliveries, you’re delivering Amazon packages from Amazon fulfillment centers. Deliver those smiles to happy customers and earn a handsome income that can fulfill all your career desires.

If you want to enjoy the flexible hours working for Amazon Flex, you are first going to have to pass the Amazon Flex background check. Read on to discover everything you need to know about background checks. 

How does Amazon Flex work?

If you own a car and love to travel without passengers in your car, then Amazon Flex can the right career choice for you. Amazon Flex provides delivery services by using a fleet of gig workers who work as individual drivers and uses their own vehicle for delivery.

How do Amazon Flex drivers do their jobs?

As compared to other gig driving jobs, Amazon Flex works through a smartphone-based app. You download the app, fill in the required details, and select the time slot you are available for the Flex job. And, when you’re ready you open the app, select them and begin to start delivering.

A delivery driver is notified an hour before his block so that the driver can report to the Amazon warehouse or any other facility to pick up the packages. At the pickup location, the driver is asked to scan the barcodes of the products through Amazon Flex App, so that Amazon comes to know that you have picked up the order for final delivery.

Keeping within the constraints of the time slot, a Flex driver can choose the location plotted on the Flex app or he can choose his own route to deliver the package. A delivery driver won’t get penalized for choosing his own delivery route.

Why does Amazon Flex run a background check?

It is very easy to understand why Amazon needs a background check, as their customers’ packages will be in the hands of the delivery drivers. A background check proves that the driver is good enough to work for Flex, as sometimes the packages which are delivered by the drivers are often quite expensive. Through a background check, Amazon sees if you have any felony recorded in your name in the past or not.

What does the Amazon Flex background check cover?

Amazon uses a third party to run a background check. Under this, the check goes seven years back to search for any criminal offense. If the delivery driver has any offenses on his record involving theft or violence, he might not get qualified for the job.

A driving check is also conducted to ensure that the driver is not having an inordinate number of moving violations.

How long does the Amazon Flex background check take to process?

To give accurate results the background check usually takes 2-5 days to complete. A candidate is free to check with Amazon Flex if the background check crosses more than 5 days. Provided there is nothing on your track record, a candidate is ready to drive for Amazon Flex even before he knows about it.

How do you know when the background checks have cleared?

A candidate does not receive any call or email upon a successful background check. So how will he know? 

When you open the Amazon Flex app, you will see a list of things that has to be done before you officially become a Flex driver. When the background check says, it is still been conducted, it will show “pending” next to it. And when it is done, a green tick will be mentioned there notifying you are all set to become an delivery driver.

Let’s hit the road

To have a successful career with Amazon, a candidate has to fulfill all the requirements and most importantly pass a background check. If you have a clean driving record then no one can stop you from qualifying for this side gig. 

The only real way to find out of you pass or not is by signing up for Amazon Flex now. It just takes five minutes to sign up for Amazon Flex and plus it does not cost you anything. Apply now for jobs in Somerset TX and get started as early as today!

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