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Catch Corporate Spy: How Use of Spy Email Can Be Effective

The use of employee monitoring software and spy app is a big yes and common trend among the employer community. It has gained more popularity in recent case scenarios when employees had to report to duty from home. The remote work model highlighted the importance of good and efficient monitoring software. I mean you can’t keep an eye on every employee working from home and can’t even guarantee the security and safety of confidential data besides the overall productivity rate. Thus it is like an open secret that every corporate or business sector is a must user of spy apps.

There are tons of ways an efficient employee monitoring app can help an employer or the company. Just take the example of spam messages or email one receive on daily basis.

  • According to 2019 statistics, 294 billion emails are generated every day. The statistics include both sent and received emails.
  • Nearly 47% of emails received in 2020 were spam emails according to the data of email spam statistics.

Now imagine how destructive a single spam email received by one of your employees can be. It can be like a secret door to all of your confidential data, information ideas, and much more. To avoid such circumstances and to take the charge, employee monitoring software offers a spy email history feature along with many others. One can keep an eye on the target employee remotely without any hassle with the help of a spy on android app or monitoring software.

About Employee Monitoring :

Employee monitoring is only legal if the employer uses the app for a company-owned device. You aren’t allowed to install the app in the personal gadget or tools of the employees.  But as far as company-owned devices are concerned you are free to keep a check on the employee through them. If you are an employee and have a company-owned device then there is a major chance that you are being monitored for your work-related matters.

Will It Work For Remotely Working Employees:

The spy app or monitoring software works even for employees who are remotely working from home. All you need to do is install the app when you have physical access to the target device. Another requirement to install the spy app is that the target devices must not be password encrypted at the time of installation. Once you have installed the app you can monitor your employee’s activities in the office or from home either way.

Working And Uses of Spy Email:

One of the useful features offered by the OgyMogy spy app is the spy email history feature. Users can remotely access the target employee’s email account and can read the sent and received email content. One can also check the draft and spam folder along with attachment history details as well. Remote access to the email history of the employees can help the employer and organization in anyways.

  • You can keep a check on the overall work distribution among the employees. Keep an eye on the teamwork and check employee productivity with the OgyMogy spy app.
  • An employer can know about any possible breach of contract as well by monitoring the email correspondence of the employees
  • Track any suspicious activity beforehand with spy on email history. If any one of the employees is in contact with a competitor company then the OgyMogy spy app will report you about it immediately.
  • You can catch any corporate spy as well by spying on the target emails. Know if any employee is sharing confidential data or important data with the irrelevant person through the emails.
  • Have proved of every activity of the employees and catch them a red hand.
  • With remote access to the attachment history, one can know about any illegal sharing of the media file.
  • Spy on email history can also be useful to avoid any spam or hacking attacks. Usually, hackers attack weak links by sending spam messages through emails. Monitor the received emails and track any possible attack on time.

OgyMogyis a cloud-based app.That means all of your monitored data is saved on the web portal of the app. Only users can access the online dashboard with the given information. All the data is saved on the portal thus employers can check the details whenever they want.

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