Samant Brara – What Challenges Women Entrepreneurs are Facing in 2021?

Samant Brara Even though the time has changed, more than 250 million women entrepreneurs globally are still facing and struggling to prevail over the challenges that they face. The number 250+ million (which is 1/3 of the total entrepreneurs in the whole world) looks quite impressive but only on papers.

It shows only one part of the story. How? Well! The men are still operating the huge part of the global business. Just like most industries, the entrepreneurship ecosystem is highly affected by the gender norms. As a result, it is creating several challenges for women entrepreneurs, said Samant Brara – a top-notch and successful business entrepreneur in India.

But what are those ‘gender-based’ challenges? Below we have listed down some of them. Please have a look:

  1. Social Expectations – of Women Entrepreneurs

We all are a part of a society where women are expected to stay at home and look after their families and everything. It is often noticed that dreams of women are brutally ruined. Things become even more difficult when they want to set up their own venture or want to start as an entrepreneur.

And somehow if they establish something, people often compare them with male counterparts. These social expectations sometimes kill many innovative ideas and unique thinking.

2. Lack of Funds/ Capital

Leading and well-established entrepreneurs including Samant Brara often said that – money for businesses works like food and water does for a human body. No matter how big or small venture you are, it is almost impossible for you to sustain in the market without adequate funds. However, things are a little bit more complicated for women even after they have proved that they are capable and innovative. Since they do not have any other solid alternative to see the financial help, many times they shut down or drop the idea of starting a venture.

3. Lack of Proper Support

Lack of advisors, mentors, and proper guidance is yet another setback for the budding women entrepreneurs. In fact, many surveys have been done where results are a bit shocking. Around 48% of women entrepreneurs said that they lack proper support, guidance, and mentorship.

As a result, they do not grow as expected. But if you read the story of leading female entrepreneurs like the founder of Nykaa (she has recently been named as the richest women industrialist), you will see that support and guidance are the key for their successful journey.

4. Balance between the Professional and Personal Life
  • This is one of the biggest challenges
  1. or better described as a hurdle for female entrepreneurs by several popular business entrepreneurs such as Samant Brara.
  2. No matter in which country a woman is,
  3. she is always expected to put family life ahead of everything including her goals,  career, and dreams.

And finding the right balance is always more challenging, particularly when your own loved ones ask you to give importance to the family not your career. Things seem bitter but this is what almost every female entrepreneur faces.

Closing Remarks

In addition to the points listed above

lack of strong business network, lack of self-reliance, etc. are some more challenges that are faced by women entrepreneurs,

Said by Samant Brara
  1. Since changing things is not an easy thing
  2. we can only hope for a better tomorrow
  3. so that more and more women can come forward and turn their unique ideas into reality.

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