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5 ways students can avoid distractions while studying

Have you ever wondered that even when two students study for the same number of hours, why one does better than the other? The reason behind this is concentration. While one student stays focused only on learning, others may get distracted by the events happening around. It leaves a significant impact on how well a student understands the concepts and how long he will remember them. Every Indian School in Dubai keeps organizing special sessions to teach students how to increase their concentration power.

The impact of distraction-free learning is evident from the improvement in results that the child gets. Almost all the CBSE schools focus on planning activities and training sessions that teach students to stay focused to improve their grades. If you’re a student and are looking for strategies to adopt to avoid distractions while studying, we’re here for your help.

5 ways to avoid distractions while studying

Make a Schedule

It is always better to have a timetable before starting the day. Create a plan about what you want to study in a day and break these topics down into small tasks. Preparing milestones will help you stay focused as you won’t get stressed. You can also try fixing the time frame with each topic. It will motivate you to finish studying the specific concept within its stipulated time, and you will eventually make good use of your day.

No Notifications

One of the prime causes of distractions is notifications or alerts on smartphones and other digital devices. That is why no Indian school in Dubai allows smartphones on the campus. Hence, when you sit for studies at home, make sure your devices are on silent, and you hear no beeping sound of the notifications or alerts coming on them. Parents can help children by ensuring that their devices are far away when they sit to study. Moreover, they can also keep it as a reward to give them the phone for some time after a few hours of studying.

Find the Spot

The place where you sit for studies impacts your concentration level. For example, if you sit in your living room with the entire family around you, distractions are unavoidable. Hence, try finding a spot where you get a little bit of isolation. Adjust the lighting in that area, ensuring that it doesn’t feel dark or gloomy. Adjust other things like the desk height according to your requirements and ensure that your spot supports you in increasing your concentration power.

De-clutter the Desk

With useless things spread on your desk, you will easily get distracted. You wouldn’t even realize that hours of the day will get wasted on useless stuff. Thus, it is vital to de-clutter the desk and keep everything you don’t need away from your vision. It will avoid distractions, and you can focus on your study session.

Reward Yourself

A reward system is something that the CBSE schools support and encourage. Students can do it on their level by awarding themselves a 10-minute break after an hour of the focused study session. However, you have to ensure that the ten-minute award remains and never gets stretched for the entire day. So keep achieving the milestones and avoid distractions.

These are the simple yet effective ways to eliminate distractions from your life and study with better focus. Once you adopt these ways, you will see a significant rise in your learning curve. You will remember concepts for longer, which will reflect on your grades eventually. So, if you are a school student tired of poor concentration, include these habits in your study schedule and see the difference it makes.

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