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How To Successfully Launch Your Mobile App

Launching your new app can be both an exciting and overwhelming process. Preparing for launching your mobile app early can help you reduce anxiety and ensure a smooth and successful launch. Raghib Khan of Phonato Studios suggests having a solid marketing strategy to build brand awareness, increase download rate, and strengthen application ratings. 

Let’s walk you through simple ways to launch your mobile app successfully. 

Measure the success of your business

The first step is to know how your business is doing currently in terms of the digital space. For this, you can start by doing a S.W.O.T analysis, where you will focus on identifying your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This will help you get a good handle on the assets that you can play during the launch of your mobile app. For instance, if you have an excellent social media following, you can use that for your leverage. 

Next, you need numbers, figures, or data. You need to have some kind of data to show your audience. This data or figure can be the number of downloads or a 4-star rating, or several in-app purchases. You need to put good use of your data to make your audience believe that you are running a successful application. 

Define your audience

Next, you need to consider your target audience. Who exactly is your target audience? Think about the challenges they are facing, the electronic devices they are using, the social media channels they are using, and other important factors like this. After determining these essential things, get in touch with them where they are! Consider creating a documented image so that you can reflect on the users throughout the process. 

Define your marketing channels

There are infinite ways to reach your target audience. Consider choosing ways that are familiar and comfortable to your specific audience. Develop content specific for each channel as they have their individual personalities. In other words, avoid using the same image on different media- Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

While developing content, keep in mind these things: 

  • Facebook

It is a space for browsable content, so your posts are sure to get layered between regular vacation posts or memes and competitors’ ads. For that reason, avoid giving your content the feel of an advertisement. Your content should be sharable, fun, and, most importantly, relevant. The more shares your content gets, the more views it’s getting. 

  • Instagram

This social media platform has become great for everyone and businesses of all kinds, but it’s mostly for the people with the heart of artists. So, consider developing visually appealing content but avoid putting in the extra description. 

  • Twitter

This social media platform gives real-time access to new information. It’s like the new form of receiving the recent happenings worldwide. For that reason, consider keeping the tweets short and crisp. 

  • Email

It is a direct form of communication between you and your customer, who voluntarily shared their contact information with you and trusted you. Along with sharing their contact information, they also decided to open your emails. That’s why you need to make sure that they feel special. Consider providing then insider content such as any extra features or early access. Doing these things can make your emails more desirable to your customers. 

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Optimize your app for google play store, and app store

Make sure to conduct proper research when it comes to the title, subtitle, and keywords. No matter what, avoid using cliche terms that land your app amongst millions of people during a search. 

Create a landing page site

Many people prefer searching for an application on search engines before deciding on searching it on the app store/google play store. For that reason, consider creating a landing page site that contains a feature overview, short description, and direct access for downloading. 

Test user groups and feedbacks

Consider getting a test version for your potential customers. Address any bugs and get initial feedback before the full and final launch. Give this process enough time. It is also better to relieve a bug-free app later instead of releasing a buggy app in a haphazard. This will also help you get better ratings and reviews on your mobile app. 

Build excitement

Do not forget to create a buzz before launching your mobile app. The primary purpose of generating all this curiosity and excitement among the mass is to release your app. 

Final launch

After the application is available, get the word out. Use your selected social media platforms to announce the launch of your app. Whether it is your app’s landing page or the app store/google play store, all avenues should have some kind of call to action.

Regular content up-gradation

Do not sit back after the launch of your app. Make sure to post relevant content and use your digital space to develop a community for your users to build long-term brand loyalty and trust. 

Measure your growth

After six months of the launch, reflect on the successes and failures of your app launch. Learn and grow from these experiences and use every opportunity to make informed decisions. Next, improve and release the next version!

Make sure to follow the above steps suggested by Ragib Khan of Phonato studios to launch your mobile app successfully. All you need is patience and consistent efforts, and soon, you will see results!

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