When to Change Vape Coil?

Vape coils are an essential part of every vape device. Different types of vape coils are also available with the vape as per the device specifications, quality, and model. The vape coils are mainly used to heat your vape juice for creating vapor to inhale. However, the vape coils are also well known as atomizers, and these are relatively simple in construction. For using the vape devices comfortably, it is essential to change the vape coils to enjoy the ultimate performance every time. Changing coils is the basic maintenance of vape devices. It is necessary to do the maintenance of vape devices for the convenience and effectiveness of vape mods. For extending the lifespan of a vape device, it is crucial to replace worn-out coils. If you find it is unnecessary to change the coils, you can purchase a new vape mod according to your desire. The burnt coils of a vape device vaping an unpleasant experience, where it becomes crucial to change the coils to ensure the best lifespan of the device. For affordable vaping, it is always essential to change the coils. In this guide, we are going to talk about the vape coils, including the using process of vape coils available in Dubai and when and how to change the vape coil.


What is Vape Coil?

What is vape coil,

The vape coil is the essential part of every vape device. Coil plays a vital role in enjoying a smooth-tasting vape experience. Therefore, the vape coils are essential to ensure performance and taste whenever you use the vape. Using a vape coil for too long, the users experience terrible taste. After experiencing, the bad taste or the coils burnt taste for using a long time, many of the new vapers turned off vaping. However, the coils consist of a wire, where these are housed within your mod’s cartridge. The design of typical vape coils is made of resistance wire. Coils are also covered by cotton in fiberglass or synthetic foam. The working process of coils occurs when the wick soaks up e-Juice from the vape device, and the coil then heats the wick.


The Longevity of Vape Coils

The Longevity of Vape Coils,

The longevity of vape coils does not last forever as the vape device lasts. The coil is necessary for every vape device, which suffers repeated re-heating and cooldowns, and by following all these, they will eventually burn out. The first reason to vape coils burnt out is taking multiple hits within a short period, and that is well-known as chain vaping. Taking multiple draws within a few seconds is also responsible for the quick degradation of coils. Whenever a user takes multiple draws within a few seconds, it happens to dry out the wick, where the users do not give enough time to soak up the proper amount of e-Juice from the device tank. For better maintenance of the vape coils, it is necessary to give your vape a good 30 seconds between hits. The 30-second gap will help the device to slow down the death of your coil and wick.


When to Change the Vape Coils?

Changing the vape coils depend on the user. You need to change the coils of the device, which depends on how much you use the device for vaping, like once a week or as infrequently as once a month. However, if you are using the device frequently, that means it is necessary to change the coil more often. But if you are vaping rarely then, your coil still needs to be replaced a least once a month.


What are the Signs to Understand that it is Time to Change Vape Coils?

Signs to Understand that it is Time to Change Vape Coils,

As per the uses of vape devices, most new coils are designed to last anywhere between 7 to 21 days. The vape device does not perform perfectly when the vape coil stops functioning appropriately. There are several signs you need to understand that it is time to change the vape coils. 


However, the following signs indicate changing the vape coils.


  • A Burning Taste
  • Gurgling Sounds
  • Weak or Off E-juice Flavor
  • Low Vapor Production


These are the signs that happen while using a vape when it becomes essential to change the vape coils.


A Burning Taste

Using or vaping with a dead coil will eventually result in an acrid, burning taste. While using the vape device, you will find an unpleasant taste, and it completely ruins the vaping hits. If you are getting a foul taste, it is necessary not to continue the vaping session. You can clean the vape coils extending the lifespan for a few extra days or a week. But still, it is necessary to replace the coil eventually.


Gurgling Sounds

Another sign for understanding the vape coils are not working is the gurgling sounds. The well-functioned vape devices do not create gurgle sounds. Listening to these types of sounds is always a bad sign, which requires a prompt investigation of the vape device. Therefore, it becomes necessary to make a solution to the gurgling sounds by changing vape coils. Additionally, if you still find these sounds after changing the coils then, it is a sign that something more serious is wrong with your vape.


Weak or Off E-juice Flavor

The weak coil is another sign that the vape coils are not functioning correctly. With a worn coil, sometimes you may find the e-juice flavor a little bit off, where you can comfortably notice the flavors that you are familiar with using regularly. The worn-out coils can cause the flavors to mix, where you can make a solution by changing the coils each time they switch flavors to avoid the problem completely.


Low Vapor Production

The low vapor production is another sign is that your coils are dying. The production of vapor in your vape device will gradually lessen with time. But you will see a much lower vapor output than usual at the end of your coil’s lifespan. The cloud will be much worse than usual, which indicates that you are vaping with an old coil. Low vapor production is the initial stage of dying vape devices, where you will get a lower output, or you can continue using the device until other symptoms appear up to you.



By using vape devices, you can get the best vaping experience ever. Not all vape devices are the same different device features different functionalities. Replacing vape coils is necessary to grow the performance of your device, where you can continue to start vaping. Whenever you find any sorts of similar symptoms while using the vape that we described above, do not wait to taste like a burnt newspaper to purchase new coils. Additionally, different vape device is equipped with different design coils, where you need to buy the same coils for your device to maintain the optimum performance. By applying accurate guidelines, you can change the coils comfortably. The initial symptoms are also helpful to identify that the vape coils are dying. We hope you find this article well and get all the information regarding vape coils and when to change the vape coils.

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