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5 Ways to Prevent the Nail Fungus

People do not care about their nails as much as they do about their skin and hair. Putting nail paints on all the time means your nails health is at risk. Focusing on your nail health is also important.

The early signs of nail fungus include turning the nail into thick, brown, chalky white, and yellow. These kinds of nails often become brittle and also develop cracks.

Having the fungal nail means you need to pay more attention to its health and learn how to get rid of it. Top doctors in Lahore believe that every person should know about fungal nail infections.

This nail condition is common in people over 60s or older but anyone can develop it as it depends on many factors which contribute.

Older age is a risk factor for a fungal infection because the process of nail growth becomes slow. During the older age, the blood circulation gets reduced.

People with a history of fungi exposure are also at risk of developing fungal nail infections.

Who is prone to nail fungus? Well, studies say that men are more likely to develop this infection than women.

Men do not care that much for their nails as much as women do. But anyone can develop this infection depending on the causing factor.

Some health conditions also increase the risk of nail infections. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of nail fungus infection these days.

Let’s explore what you can do to prevent nail fungus.

Do Not Go Barefoot Around Public Places

When we talk about public places, it means that there will be too many germs that can leave your feet in bad condition. Make sure that you avoid kicking off your shoes while being in a public place. People often get services from a nail salon without even realizing the fungus exposure. Check the cleanliness and license of the salon before getting services. You should ask for sterilized instruments to get your nail job done. Experts also suggest avoiding public nail paint which can increase the risk of germ exposure.

Keep Your Nails Clean

Taking shower does not mean that your skin and hair need to be cleaned but your nails also need some scrubbing. Buy a nail brush and use soap to scrub your nails. Studies say that germs stay underneath your nails which can cause infections. Make sure that you wash the nails and get rid of germs every 15 minutes.

Keep your nails dry

Fungus grows in a wet environment with high humidity. Keeping your nails wet all the time means the risk of fungus breeding. You can protect your nails by wearing gloves. When you are going to do any work like dish washing or home cleaning, wear gloves as they will protect your nails from getting wet and lead to low humidity.

People who do not wear breathable socks and shoes are also at risk of nail fungus infection. When you exercise, do not wear any socks or shoes that can keep your fingers sweaty. It increases the chance of nail fungus infection.

After taking the shower, dry the nails with a towel. Leaving them wet can lead to nail infections.

Never rip off a hangnail

You can injure your toenail while playing football or doing any work. An injury around the nail or an injured nail bed opens the fungus exposure. Experts suggest avoiding touching the nail. You should also avoid biting your nails. Pinching feet with different sizes of shoes can also cause nail issues.

Trimmed your nails

Keeping long nails means that you are keeping the germs for long underneath your nails. Trimming your nails means that you are reducing the risk of the spread of infection. Doctors also suggest not sharing the nail trimmers which spread the infection or transfer from one to another.

Avoid cutting your cuticles and keep your nails clean. Trim the nails and get the dirt out of your nails using grooming tools.

Women should not use nail paint from the salon as one brush is used for many customers.

If you see the growth of the fungus infection, visit the doctor to prevent a severe condition.

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