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What’s needed in a kids room? by double decker bed supplier in Malaysia

According double decker bed supplier in Malaysia, a kids room typically needs a bed, storage (either in the form of built-in cabinets or a chest of drawers), a study table and chair, and possibly some additional shelving. A television and/or gaming console are also common in kids’ rooms.


Many parents also like to decorate their children’s rooms with paintings, photographs, or other decorative items. The room is usually brightly decorated with cartoon characters or other motifs to make the child feel comfortable and happy in their space.


Depending on the child’s age, you may also want to include items such as a crib or changing table in the room.


In addition, There are many reasons why it is important to choose the right bed for your child. One of the most important reasons is that a child’s sleep is crucial for their development. A good night’s sleep helps children to learn and concentrate better in school. It also can help them to maintain a healthy weight.


Choosing the right bed for your child can also be helpful in terms of developing good sleeping habits. When a child has a comfortable and supportive bed, they are more likely to get a good night’s sleep. It can help them to develop good sleeping habits that will serve them throughout the rest of their lives.

Which type of bed does your child need?


A bunk bed is a safe choice for children because both beds are low to the ground and there are guard rail systems on either side of each bed. Bunk beds come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be made from wood or metal. Some have stairs leading up to the top deck, while others have ladders. Besides, some variants have a lower bed privacy screen. The top bunk of a bunk bed is not recommended for children under six due to the need for a ladder and the bed’s height.


There are many double decker bed supplier in Malaysia. You have to do your own research to choose a right bunk beds for your child before make a purchase.


Mosquito net


If you have children before 6 months, strongly recommend you to buy mosquito net to protect your children from mosquito bites. Using insect repellents with Deet on baby under 6 months is discourage. Accounting for the summer heat, in addition to dressing your child in long pants and sleeves, we also need to cover baby’s infant carrier with a mosquito net.


Window coverings


Window coverings are vital to consider for optimal privacy and to aid in a good night’s sleep. Blinds are one of the simplest methods to provide seclusion in a child’s room, and cordless blinds are always the best option. Over time, cords tend to snap and get hopelessly twisted, posing a strangling threat. So a simple pull-down shade will suffice! For the time being, skip the pricey curtains in this room until the kids are older and have learned how to be careful with curtain fabric. If you can’t take the thought of blinds, buy blackout curtains to keep their rooms dark until it’s time to get up.




In a child’s room, a bookshelf will go a long way. It not only gives you a place to put all of their books, but it also allows you to put a few baskets on the bottom shelves for convenient toy storage.


If you’ve incorporated a reading nook in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to organise the space such that your children’s bookshelf and reading nook are close to one another!




A full-length mirror is a terrific addition to a child’s bedroom since it provides a location for them to get ready while also reflecting light. This is particularly useful in a compact space like a bedroom.


Ensure that it’s in a safe position with little foot traffic. A leaning mirror, rather than a wall-mounted mirror, is perfect for tween/teen rooms, but it isn’t as safe for children’s rooms.


A mirror mounted above a dresser or storage item is another fantastic method to include a mirror without taking up valuable floor space.




Children of different ages require different room facilities. As a qualified parent, you need to provide a good environment for your children to ensure they have better development in their future life. You have to consider all of these points before purchasing anything for your kids room.


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