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What Makes Fleur De Sel Salt Special

What Is Fleur De Sel

Among the popular fleur de sel treatments that so many people utilize is fleur de sel. Not only does this type of shampoo and conditioner add amazing softness and luster to your hair, but it can help you ward off both male and female ticks. The salt actually has a wide range of health benefits, making it among the very best due to the amazing fleur de sel uses associate with it treatments around. Because of that, it’s important to buy the salt right from the source, however there are numerous choices to borrow or rent fleur de sel from specialized markets and stores.

Fleur De Salt is a relative newcomer to the beauty world. But as demand grew, manufacturers quickly began adding fleur de sel salt into their line-ups. That’s where the salt came from. Salt from an ancient lake in France was first harvested and then used to create a variety of shampoos, conditioners and body washes that were popular in both Europe and the United States.

Uses Of Fleur De Sel

There are plenty of Fleur De Sel uses and it has recently been on the market in the United States for the first time and is still gaining popularity. The ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner are similar to those in fleur de sel products, with a few notable differences. Most of what you’ll find is fleur de fume, a mineral like magnesium sulfate that adds shine to your hair, fades red hair and helps fight scalp conditions. A little bit of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) added for body and shine. And of course, you get the benefit of all the other minerals like magnesium in this wonderful shampoo. But there’s more…

What you’ll also find is the unique taste. Some people have compared the taste to strong tea or coffee without the aftertaste, or to a combination of honey and lemon. In fact, some people who haven’t tried fleur sel yet find that the unique flavor doesn’t bother them at all. This can be quite a shock because when I first heard of fleur de sel, I assumed it would have a horrible taste, like drinking tea.

Are Their Any Benefits Of Fleur De Sel

The only other major difference I can see between the taste and the health benefits is the packaging. Fleur De Sel comes in a tiny bottle and is often very decorative. However, it does lack the fluff typical of many other types of shampoos and conditioners. It’s packaged in a fine gold box that really stands out and draws the eye, especially in your bathroom.

Because fleur de sel has a light taste and is virtually tasteless, it’s also popular as a mineral shampoo alternative for those who have oily scalps and acne. It does, however, contain a lot of calcium and magnesium, so it may not be a good choice for sensitive scalps. I don’t recommend it for anyone with dry skin or extremely sensitive skin.

How To Use Fleur De Sel

As for what benefits you receive from fleur de sel? Well, the two most notable benefits I’ve noticed are increased shine reduction. It may also help to improve the condition of your hair and scalp. It has a coarse texture, so it may be best used on damp hair, but it works great on dry hair.

To use fleur de sel, simply mix the coarse salt (the part you can see when you look at the bottle), a small amount of water, and the fragrance of your choice. Shave the mixture into your scalp and leave it in for about twenty minutes, then rinse out. You should only do this once a week, as the salt tends to lose its effectiveness. There’s no scent, but a salty scent may be released if you rub it in or do other things with it. Fleur De Sel is very simple to use, and the benefits are considerable; it’s a must-have mineral for any woman.

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