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Kaju Katli Cheesecake


Suppose any sweets can make you wonder if heaven is right here as soon as you take a bite and bake happiness into everything they do. Big treats, little prices!

They bake to delight your testbeds; their products are ideal for birthdays and other special occasions. Their products are the best-tasting egg-free and gelatin-free baked delicacy on the market. They do everything from delicacies to custom-made cakes and desserts for events.

Why Sinful Temptation?

At sinful, they cater to individual requests, birthday and wedding parties, special get-togethers, and other occasions and celebrations in a short time. They deal with a diverse menu, but they work with clients to customize products based on their preferences, themes, and color palette.

They love making fusion desserts, shot glass desserts, cakes, tea cakes, flavored nuts, and other goodies, including biscottis, Kaju katli cheesecake, truffles, and chocolate mithais.

The Product

Endure the uttermost benevolent texture of a cheesecake never had before as we infused Kaju katli with a spongey textured cake. They make their cakes with high-quality organic raw materials crafted to perfection by them.

Indian delicacy called “Kaju katli” (cashew slice) is comparable to a barfi. Milk is thickened with sugar and other components to make Kaju (such as dry fruits and mild spices).

The dish is made using cashew nuts mashed into a paste after being soaked in water for a long time (often overnight). The sugar solution is added to the powdered cashews after being cooked down until it forms a single thread when two fingers are dipped into it and pulled apart. Dried fruits, ghee, and Kesar, a kind of saffron, may also be included. The Kaju Katli cheesecake, however, is a challenging task to complete as they used unsalted cashew nuts (Kaju), which are grounded to a fine powder and mixed with some milk, sugar, and cream; it is then stirred on low flame until it thickens afterward, making a dough out of it and keep kneading it until it becomes firm smooth and more relaxed. Such a texture is easy to cut and infuse in a cheesecake.

A dish with one or more layers is called cheesecake.  You can bake or not bake cheesecake (and it is usually refrigerated). Despite the name, modern cheesecake is seldom considered to be an actual “cake” (compared with Boston cream “pie”).

About the Owner

After experiencing such joy and sweetness, you must be curious about the person or people who created this cutting-edge product line. Sheena Shah is in charge of this brand. She is a homepreneur and the owner of numerous businesses. From a young age, she always had a thing for baking and experimenting with various foods. She discovered nothing could be better than pursuing her passion for baking and creating delicacies when she started seeking something new and different to do a few years back. Sheena’s Sinful Temptations was established at that time. When her family and friends enjoyed the homemade fusion delicacies she assembled for a tasting session, temptations were formed


After thoroughly reviewing their menu and reading about all these heavenly sweets, you must wonder where to start. For instance, start with the truffles as they are the best mouth-watering sweets, and you can never go wrong with a Kaju Katli cheesecake as it has the flavors to inspire everyone. Tiramisu is the perfect fit for all of your occasions.

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