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Tips To Save Money During Shopping Of Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is an essential, elegant, and delectable component of any wedding reception. The days of purchasing a plain white wedding cake are long gone. When it comes to producing innovative designs, wedding cake creators and newlyweds nowadays look beyond the box; most of them include wedding flavors other than sponges. Before your wedding, check with the personnel at your wedding venue about the position of your wedding cake and whether there are any restrictions on the type of wedding cake you can purchase. Your wedding cake will most likely be served to your guests either throughout the wedding reception or as a memory to eat on the way home in a box at the end of the night.

Set A Budget 

Before you start daydreaming about your fairytale wedding cake, think about your whole wedding costs and how much you’d like to put on the cake. Once you’ve determined how much you can afford to spend on a wedding cake, divide that amount by the number of people you anticipate. This will give you the dollar figure for the price per slice, which is how much a slice of cake will cost you. Your goal is to stay under that limit. If you are in Uk then you can also take online cake delivery in UK through various online portals. 

Ask For Smaller Sizes 

You might request that your baker cut smaller chunks of your cake. Before you place your order, you can have them show you what a standard slice looks like compared to a half slice or a three-quarters slice. If you decide to go with smaller servings, you can request a smaller cake.

Embrace Simplicity 

When considering ways to save money on a wedding cake, consider that less is more. This can be accomplished by using a smaller-scale buttercream-frosted creation or opting for a minimally or unfrosted confection, commonly known as the naked cake. Both solutions will almost certainly save you money compared to a more expensive fondant frosted option. You can also send cakes in Canada to a wedding and make the couple feel special on their memorable day.

Choose Buttercream Over Fondant 

This may not work if your wedding day is likely to be hot. If you do not have an outdoor wedding in summer, choosing buttercream icing instead of fondant on your wedding cake is a simple method to save money. It is not only easier and less expensive for your baker to prepare, but it also tastes way better. Plus, instead of the odd plastic look that many fondant wedding cakes have, you’ll get a nice textured effect.

Convince Your Baker To Charge Less For Sheet Cake 

If you don’t want to offer your tiered cake to your guests, inquire if your baker can produce a tiny cutting cake and have the rest cut from sheet cakes of the same taste. It’s not true that all bakers provide the option of pricing less for sheet cakes, but it’s always worth asking.

Pick Your Garnishes Wisely 

Fondant flowers, anyone? Do you want to add real flowers to your bouquet? Or how about foregoing the flowers entirely and instead adorning the cake with fruit? Once you’ve decided on the fundamentals, such as flavor, size, shape, and color, you can let your imagination run wild. This is where your cake designer’s creativity can shine to create a one-of-a-kind wedding cake that perfectly symbolizes you and your fiancé. 

Opt For Cupcakes 

These provide guests with a choice and work well in a self-serve model, but with the appropriate baker and arrangement, a cupcake wedding cake will wow your guests. Cupcakes can be served in a range of flavors and decorated in various ways when displayed on a cupcake stand or as part of a tableau. Cupcakes are typically placed in tiers, much like traditional cakes. 

Choose Real Flowers Instead Of Sugar Flowers 

Making sugar flowers takes a long time. It takes time for the baker to manufacture sugar flowers, and you can obtain real flowers for a fraction of the price of the cake. Choose actual flowers instead to assist your baker in saving time on design. 

Choose A Single Tiered Cake 

Multi-tiered wedding cakes are beautiful, but they are costly. So, if you want to save money, have a couple of single-tiered cakes on the dessert bar, or request a sheet cake from your baker.

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