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Money-Saving HVAC Tips During Winters

Winter is a magnificent time of the year. However, the chilly wind that comes with the magic of snow makes you shiver even inside your home. Regardless of the season, your home’s HVAC system is a lifesaver because it keeps your house warm and comfy and maintains the desired temperature all year.

However, most of us are unprepared for the high costs associated with cold weather. Still, you can have a more comfortable home and a relatively lower energy bill by adopting the following basic and cost-effective HVAC practices.

HVAC Tips To Save Money This Winter

  • Set Up A Customizable Thermostat

Since you’ll be using your HVAC system more in the winter, you’ll want to select a temperature that saves you money. Many homeowners forget to execute this task and end up spending more on electricity expenses.

A programmable thermostat can save you money only if you’re determined to use less energy. When not at home, set beck your thermostat 10 degrees for an eight-hour duration. It will save you around 6% to 7% on your energy cost. Additionally, lowering your thermostat by a degree or two overnight will save you about 1% on your energy bill

  • Have Your Air Ducts Thoroughly Examined

Your air ducts are usually a typical reason for heating inefficiency in your home. It’s estimated that most air systems lose 20-30% of their energy because of leaks, gaps, and improper connections.

For this reason, your HVAC system will have to perform longer and consume more power to achieve your required temperature. Your bills will eventually rise, and you will be forced to spend more money on them.

Consequently, you should contact an HVAC maintenance technician as they’ll carefully inspect the air ducts, and if any issues are discovered, they’ll fix them right away.

  • Remember To Replace Your Dirty HVAC Air Filters

A dusty air filter in your HVAC system will prevent airflow. As a response, your HVAC system will not maintain the correct temperature due to a lack of air supply. It will run for extended periods leading to higher energy consumption. The worst-case scenario is that the clogged air filter will cause your HVAC filter to break down.

It’s advised to change your HVAC air filter every 60 to 90 days to save on maintenance and repairs.

  • Your Thermostat Must Be Set To An Ideal Temperature

Keeping an appropriate thermostat temperature is one of the most critical HVAC tips. People frequently forget to turn down the thermostat or leave it on to avoid returning to a freezing house when leaving house.

If you’re tired of waiting for your house to warm up in the winter but still want to save money, a Wi-Fi thermostat might be just the thing you need. With this technology, you can regulate the temperature in your house from anywhere on the globe.

  • Make A Maintenance Appointment For Your HVAC System

It’s recommended to have your HVAC system serviced twice a year to ensure it’s operating at its maximum. A licensed technician will clean, inspect, and verify your system, which means you’ll get the most out of your system, and it will work to its full potential, resulting in enhanced performance.


These HVAC practices should help you have a warm winter at a minimal expense. Remember that just a handful of the above-given recommendations may save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

If you’d like to have an HVAC system installed or serviced, you may contact Bob’s Climate Control for total control over your home’s comfort.

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