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I Have A Wood Deck; May I Put A Fireplace On Wooden Deck?

There aren’t many experiences better than gathering with loved ones over a roaring fireplace on a wooden deck in your backyard. But what if the only area available is on your deck since your fireplace balcony is too tiny for a fireplace on a wooden deck? Or perhaps you simply desire the luxury of having a cool, cozy sitting area right outside your door? If your deck is made of wood, composite, or vinyl, you might be wondering whether it is even feasible to add a fire pit because fire and combustible materials don’t mix. In order to help you build a secure and comfortable outdoor refuge, we’ve listed the top six items you should think about before placing a fire pit on your deck below.

Fireplace on a wooden deck

Fireplace on a wooden deck

If installed correctly by an NFI Certified professional, gas fire pits are typically safe to use on combustible decks, but you should always check the manufacturer’s requirements and your city’s code before installing any type of fireplace on a wooden deck.

Unless it has been approved by the manufacturer and the local ordinance and is positioned on top of a non-combustible foundation, such as concrete or natural stone, it is unsafe to set a wood-burning fireplace on a wooden deck, composite, or vinyl deck. In addition, the foundation must surround the fire pit by at least 24 inches. Sparks and embers might fly out, drop on the deck, and perhaps start a eldstad på trädäck if a non-combustible foundation is not utilized.

Usual deck surface

  • Fireplace on a wooden deck

Wood decking is quite flammable. Some gas fireplaces on a wooden deck may be installed on a wood deck, but only with prior approval and after taking the necessary precautions for wood-burning fire pits.

  • A composite deck

Composite decks, which are a mixture of wood, wood fibers, plastic, and recyclable materials, are flammable. brands of composite decking are popular examples.

  • PVC Decks

Vinyl decking, often known as PVC, is constructed of plastic and chlorine, which is a flammable substance. Additionally, vinyl expands readily and is prone to cracking when exposed to high temperatures.

  • Cement Decks

For decks, poured concrete slabs or stone pavers offer excellent, long-lasting surfaces. Stone and concrete provide the greatest deck surfaces for a fire pit since they are non-combustible and won’t catch fire.

Confirm the installation manual for the fireplace balcony 

Always check the installation instructions before buying a fireplace balcony to be sure it will fit in your space. It’s crucial to read these instructions before making a purchase since manufacturers provide crucial clearance and installation requirements there (most manuals can be found on the item pages of our website).

Weight restrictions

A fireplace balcony may be very hefty, especially if a stone base is necessary. After confirming the manufacturer’s specifications and selecting the ideal fire pit for your deck, you might need to determine whether the deck can sustain the additional weight. To check whether your deck can support the weight of your fireplace balcony, take the following steps:

Find out the fire pit’s weight and whether any further accessories are required.

  • Include the weight of your outdoor furniture and the most persons who will be on the deck at once when calculating this.
  • To determine the maximum weight your deck can support, compare this total.
  • A structural engineer must be consulted if you are unsure of your deck’s weight capability.

Consulte locations

Consulte locations

The next step is to put the fireplace balcony safely away from your house, where it won’t be in touch with anything that may catch fire, such as walls, overhangs, low-hanging tree branches, plants, or low-lying plants life. A fireplace balcony normally needs a minimum of 3 feet of clearance on each side and 6 feet above the ground, and should generally be kept at least 20 to 25 feet away from a home or other flammable building. If your deck has an awning, you should also think about the flame height and BTU output. To guarantee that you have the necessary overhead clearance, you might even need to choose a fireplace balcony with a lower BTU output.


Find out the maximum weight requirements for your deck, the code and rules in your city, and whether a base is necessary before buying a fire pit for your deck. Once you have this worked out, choose a few fires pits you like and make sure they are suitable alternatives for the surface of your deck and your outside area by reading the installation instructions and the manufacturer’s specifications. Finally, select your ideal fire pit from the shortlist, then decide which additional items you’ll need to make burning enjoyable and safe.

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