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How to Promote a Podcast For Traffic

How to Promote a Podcast For Traffic

A growing number of people and businesses try to determine the best way to market a podcast today.
In an era of diverse types of content podcasts(imagesizecompressor) will be around for the long haul. Actually, they are riding the coattails of the latest trends in digital advertising, and this is easily discernible.

This segment was heavily dominated by local information and host-readings, with limited tracking capabilities and organic but labor-intensive integrations. Nowadays, tools allow for the integration of pre-recorded commercials as well as demographic identification.

Let’s look at this kind of content and find out how it can aid your company!

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In 2018 there were barely 500 podcasts or 2022, the number will be an astounding 2,000,000.

In light of the fast-growing growth for podcasts, it is decided that you are ready to launch your own. Why? The case to record a podcast seems obvious:

Podcasts are very popular in America with more than 120 million listeners to podcasts by 2021. (Source)
Podcasts are equally popular across the world with 18% of weekly listeners from the UK as well as 36% monthly podcast listeners in Canada and 25% of the monthly podcast viewers in Australia and so on. (Source)
Future of Podcasts looks bright because the number of American podcast listeners is projected to reach 160 million by 2023. (Source)
Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing types of content created across Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, and China.
The argument for podcasting is evident: this channel for marketing has seen an increase in listenership year over year since 2019.

But how do you promote your podcast? Here, we’ll give you more tips for marketing your podcast to help your marketing strategy shine.

From recording podcast episodes to promoting podcasts

After becoming a passive participant in the world of podcasting then you make the first step toward the launch of your podcast.

After months of planning meticulously making up concepts and titles for episodes and creating unique audio content for your podcast, you are finally able to make the podcast.

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You’ve got everything you need: a podcast’s title as well as a trailer for the podcast and even ideas for future episodes. You breathe a sigh relief and  think to yourself that “the tough part is over.” You begin recording your podcast every episode, and you think that you are closer to the end result than ever.

As you market the podcast you have created, instantly think: “no, it’s not!”

Just Planning Preat Material

In reality, just planning great material isn’t the only way to go. It is essential to convince listeners to listen. This is the reason we have to delve deeper into the strategies for marketing podcasts.

Of course, the number of new listeners you are able to gain their trust is dependent on the way you plan your strategy for marketing your podcast. As you progress through your journey to becoming a podcaster you’ll discover that there are a myriad of innovative ways you can market your podcast to listeners who are interested in your podcast. It’s the perfect time to begin thinking about how you can make your podcast more successful.

But, the following strategies will be applicable in promoting the podcast. Are you prepared to explore these strategies?

Five Tips to Market Your Podcast
1. Create a separate website to host your podcasts

2. Enhance Your Social Media Engagement

1. Create a separate website to host your podcasts

A majority of people upload their podcasts to iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or on any other platform for podcasts and think that it is enough. And they’re then.

When you release new podcasts, you’re getting new listeners. However, the key is making sure they stay to the end of the tunnel. Thus, dedicating a site for your own podcasts will be the ideal method to introduce new listeners, and then convert the listeners into a base. And this is the initial step to take to promote your podcast.

The benefits to marketing an online podcast site are innumerable:

It gives you the freedom to publish diverse content like behind-the scenes and transcripts of important interviews.
This will enable new readers to learn more of your blog posts from your archives (any blog post could be relevant to the online community you are part of)
Your followers will be kept informed on the upcoming shows by posting an established schedule that you publish via your website.
You may introduce guests who will be on your show.
Your listeners can give feedback on what type of content they like.
Your website may help gather emails from listeners, which you can then use for marketing.
You can directly interact with your audience via forums.
The website can be a great way to build your community of podcasters by acting as a platform for listeners to interact with you and one another.
As you’re likely to realize this is something that are impossible to accomplish by restricting yourself to the podcasting platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcast. You’ll actually give yourself plenty of space to post or distributing content that’s not controversial on these platforms.

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