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5 Types of Mattresses You Can Find in Stores

Purchasing a mattress is quite a huge investment and it can be tedious at the same time. This is because there are varieties of mattresses and it can be a tough job to choose the one that counterparts with your budget and your sleep preferences as well that best fits your bed.

We got you covered with a list of the types of mattresses that you can choose from based on what you prefer and make your shopping experience for a mattress a rather convenient one. Keep reading to find out.

1. Innerspring type

This is a very popular type of mattress that you can find in any mattress store. These mattresses are made by inserting metal springs or coils in the inner layer of the mattress with outer layers made of materials like foam, latex, or natural fibers.

As this is a well-known type of mattress you can find this in any price range and buy one depending on how much you can spend. Moreover, if you are looking for a mattress that is pretty firm than soft and provides good support for your back, then this is the ideal choice for you.

2. Memory foam type

Out of the foam mattresses, this type is very common. It is manufactured in a manner that softens and adapts to the shape of the body even when pressure or heat is directed. So, these mattresses are not compressed under pressure during their industrial process.

Although memory foam mattresses are on the pricier side and can absorb body heat, they can be of amazing support to painful joints and grant you relief. Furthermore, due to less movement of this mattress type, it is also ideal for double beds.

These mattresses can be available from very firm to very soft. Hence, you can select from among what you like if this type is what you would go for.

3. Boxed type

This is also a type of regular foam mattress with the difference of being compressed in an air-tight box and rolled or folded before it is delivered instead of just laying it flat during shipping.

After the shipping is done, this mattress in a box can be easily moved from your living room to your bedroom. Additionally, they are sold in very affordable price ranges.

To start using it all you have to do is, unpack the box and roll out the mattress until it reaches its original shape.

4. Hybrid type

The hybrid mattress is a combination of both innerspring and memory foam. This is the best choice you can make if you want to experience the benefits associated with both spring and foam mattresses.

In addition, hybrid mattresses are a perfect choice for those typically sleeping on their side, back as well as stomach. These are softer and less noisy than spring mattresses providing excellent back support while regulating temperature better than foam mattresses too. This is also an ideal mattress type for those who share one bed and have contrasting levels of firmness.

5. Air type

This is another type of mattress that is generally taken into use when going camping, traveling, or for sleepovers. They are very convenient for instant usage and are super comfy too.

Air mattresses can have a short life span and can be easily damaged, however, you can simply inflate it when you have to use it and let the air out faster with the aid of an electric pump.

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