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The main Pay Per Click platforms

Google Ads is the platform par excellence chosen by advertisers for their pay per click campaigns. But it is not the only one. So, before you put all your eggs in one basket, it’s worth checking out what other options are available on the market. What are the advantages offered by each one?

At Mavenup Creatives, which is best pay per click marketing agency we fully trust that you can achieve much better results if your campaign comprises simultaneous ads on different platforms.

Google Ads

Throughout this guide, we’ve said that Google Ads is the ideal place to launch your pay-per-click campaign. But why?

No one can deny the power of Google’s reach. Today its market share reaches 91.8%. In other words, you can reach just about anyone globally with a good keyword strategy and good targeting.

In addition, they give you the possibility of publishing your ads on platforms such as YouTube or its Display network. Options that further increase the opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience with different formats.

However, on the negative side, it is important to note that for the new advertiser, it can be difficult to master the art of creating efficient ads in Google Ads. This is especially true when faced with myriad ad formats and bid strategy options.

Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)

The second major competitor among pay-per-click marketing platforms. Ideal if you are just starting with pay per click ads, as it allows you to experiment with different ideas at a very low cost.

Bing Ads is estimated to command 30% of the global market share. But it is especially relevant for people with a higher purchasing power and somewhat older. So, if your audience fits those criteria, you should probably consider Bing your main channel.

Other platforms

In addition to search engines, there are two other types of platforms for pay per click campaigns: social networks and native ads.

In the case of social networks, you should pay special attention to Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Both achieve a reach of more than a billion people, but in the case of Instagram, it allows you to reach younger and more socially active groups.

LinkedIn Ads could be very interesting if you are looking to reach business or professional leaders and also if your business is dedicated to the world of business to business.

There are several native ad platforms. From Mavenup Creatives, we suggest you review AdRoll, Taboola and Bidvertiser. They tend to be cheaper than other pay-per-click platforms, but their reach is also much more limited.

Benefits of PAY PER CLICK

After having reviewed each of the details involved in creating a pay per click ad, it is time to explain the benefits of your company having a presence in this space.

  1. Pay per click advertising helps you achieve the objectives of your company. It is a channel that allows you to increase qualified traffic to your website, improve conversion rates from users to customers, and even improve lead nurturing.
  2. The results of pay per click are measurable. No matter which pay per click platform you choose, they all give you the ability to measure results in real time and take corrective action to improve your return on investment.
  3. It is not limited to people who already know your brand. Unlike most marketing efforts (SEO, content generation, social networks, etc.) pay per click is not limited to users who follow your brand in one way or another. Rather, it allows you to reach many more people who might be interested in what your business has to offer.
  4. You have control. The advertiser is the one who decides how much money to invest per day, the total amount for the campaign, the time it will be active, the audience, etc., which does not happen if you decide to promote your business in traditional media.
  5. Pay-per-click efforts serve to complement the other marketing actions of your organization. They work very well with your SEO efforts by increasing the traffic received by the pieces of content that you have generated.
  6. It allows you to measure and test different forms of ads, keywords, and audiences. Each of these elements plays a key role in the success of your campaign. Trying them in different combinations can lead to even better results.

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