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How To Deal With Nail Fungus?

Fungal infections are quite common and nail fungus is something that happens quite often to a lot of people. But one does not need to worry about it because there are many effective remedies which are available these days. Though the condition mostly happens to toe nails but in some cases finger nails also have fungal infections too.

When fungal infections happen, the infected nails start changing colors and they become yellow, green or black. They can also become quite painful and can lead to the some serious damages on nails and then the physicians need to get it removed.

So, when it starts happening, one needs to take care of it. There is best antifungal and antibacterial cream India which one can apply on the affected area so that the infection can go away after a few days. 

Why do nail fungal infections happen?

There are quite a few reasons that increase the risk of infection. One needs to the identify and stay away from them:

  • When one wears tight shoes all day then fungal infections can happen. So, one needs to wear sandals more often.
  • Long distance running and endurance sports can lead to sweaty feet and fungal infections. Remaining in that state of the long time can be risky.
  • When one does not changes their socks on a daily basis then it can absorb moisture and can become a breeding ground for fungal infections.
  • If one damages their nails, then it can happen also. Damaged nails fungal infections mostly happen on finger nails and to women.
  • Using artificial nails frequently can also lead to fungal infections.

Toe nail fungus is seemed to be quite common when people have diabetes. It is because of the, diabetes can be lead to nerve damages and if one leaves them untreated then it can become severe. There are many conventional treatment options like anti fungal creams, ointments, oral medications and others and each one of them has certain side effects. So, one needs to be very sure before taking them and one should avoid them if they are pregnant or breast feeding.

Natural remedies to try

Coconut Oil

This oil comes with powerful anti fungal properties and it has medium chain fatty acids. One can wash the affected area, let it dry and then apply coconut oil on the nails and the surrounding area. It has to be repeated at least 3 times a day to get better results.

Tea Tree Oil

This particular oil has a lot of anti bacterial and anti fungal agent which is a great remedy for nail fungus. One can dab tea tree oil with cotton balls on it and leave it for 15 minutes. One should use it on a daily basis in the order to get best results.

There is broad spectrum antifungal cream in India which one can use for fungal infections. Before using the these creams, it is always a good idea to take an appointment from a skin doctor and see what they prescribe.

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