Discover the Best Marriage Counselling in Chandigarh

Marriage Counselling in Chandigarh is extremely helpful. Also, it can save your relationship if you happen to be going through a rough patch.

It is important to understand that marriage counselling is not just for couples who are on the verge of breaking up. However, it also serves as an effective tool when two people in love want to strengthen their bond. The most common reasons why people seek help from a professional counsellor. This includes both partners having different expectations, lack of communication, fear of commitment, infidelity and growing apart.

You should opt for marriage counselling only after trying all possible methods. To sort out problems between the two of you. Like, talking directly with each other or seeking advice from friends and family members. However, if the issues continue bothering the couple, they should not shy away from seeking help.

Marriage Counselling in Chandigarh

Marriage Counselling is a successful Marriage Counselling in Chandigarh. If one works with the aim of repairing and improving the relationship. In Chandigarh city, couples have been benefitted from divorce counselling by working with the therapists to resolve issues. If you want to choose this therapy for your marriage, here are some tips that can help you :

The right marriage counsellor can be your guide. Also, they will help you find the best way to solve problems without any damage to your relationship. You may want to read on for some tips on how to choose the best Marriage Counselling in Chandigarh.

What kind of problem do you have in your marriage?  Do you need family therapy or individual therapy?


Family Therapy :

This type of counselling focuses on both partners together. Whereas in individual therapist focus on an individual partner only viz male or female.  In this case both partners will be equally involved and it is a good option. When both partners share similar problems like marital crisis and relationship issues.

Individual Therapy :

The therapist takes the help of individual therapy. When problems are only related to one partner. And, not shared by others such as emotional abuse, physical abuse or psychological abuse etc. This kind of counselling will deal with an individual’s past memories and experiences. This create conflict in today’s relationships.

The number of years of experience

Experience is definitely an important factor. It helps a professional better handle delicate situations between partners during their sessions.

It is important that you ask about the years of experience along with other information. Like, areas of expertise, qualifications and training before choosing the therapist.


How does a therapist approach marital counselling? Ask yourself whether you are comfortable with this person’s philosophy on relationships. As this has to be in sync with yours. It is always good to opt for someone who considers you as a team. It can solve problems together rather than looking at your relationship from the point of view of one person.


The next thing you should look for is whether he or she has been certified by professional counselling associations like UK Association for Family Therapy & Systemic Practice, National Board for Certified Counselors, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy etc.

You should also check their educational qualifications . A Bachelor’s degree followed by a three-year master’s program, five years’ experience and an advanced certification are ideal credentials required to become a marriage counsellor.

Approach to counselling

It is important for a marriage counsellor to have the right approach so as to build rapport with you and your partner. Avoid someone who might just want to give advice or interfere in your relationship. You need a therapist who is non-judgmental and empathetic enough to better understand your needs, feelings and marital issues .


The next question should be whether the counsellor adheres to professional standards such as adhering to code of ethics, having adequate training on death & bereavement counselling, crisis intervention etc.

Meeting fees

Fees of Marriage Counselling in Chandigarh differ from one person to another depending on factors. Like experience, certification, location of practice, etc.

One should keep budget in mind while choosing someone for counselling sessions.


Ask friends and family members if they can refer you to a good marriage counsellor . You can also ask your therapist during the first session whether he or she can give you contacts of couples they have worked with. A good therapist will accept this request without any hesitation.

 Where to find him/her?

It is generally advisable to meet the therapist before signing up for sessions as this will help you understand how well suited you are with the person’s philosophy on relationships . You should also meet them at their office so that you can see whether it is located at a convenient place for both of you.

Ask for a free consultation

If you are not sure about this whole counselling thing, do not hesitate to ask if they provide a free session. This will help you understand whether the therapist is helpful enough for you . It may also give you an opportunity to meet your counsellor and make up your mind regarding the therapy sessions.

There are many Marriage Counselling in Chandigarh available with different therapists that have their own style of working. You just have to find one that fits into your budget and meets your expectations from professional marriage counselling servicesin Chandigarh.



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