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How to breathe fresh air while travelling?

With the number of vehicles increasing on the road, manufacturing and other economic activities in full swing, emissions are increasing.  The concentration of pollutants in the air is on the rise. Polluted air is making it difficult to breathe and is making the surfaces dirty and coated. With greasy emission deposits that come from vehicles.

The majority of urban pollution comes from industrial and vehicular. Emissions whereas rural pollution come from the burning of fuel for cooking, fodder and stubble burning. The rural pollution also flows to cities degrading the quality of air further.

Air quality is measured by India’s air quality indexIt reports the air quality on a daily basis. It helps in identifying the impact of local air quality on the health of people. India ranks at 3rd position for being one of the worst polluters in the world with an average AQI of 141.

India’s air quality index is worsening day by day because of increasing economic activity. India has one of the worst air pollutions with it being home to 22 out of 30 most polluted cities in the world.

Travelling becomes a task because of the bad quality of air. Staying out in the open air for long hours and breathing polluted air adversely affects the lungs and can make us chronically sick. A car cabin filter is one of the ways in which we can travel and breathe fresh air at the same time.

Car Cabin Air Filter: Very Crucial Part During Travel

Every car has an HVAC i.e., Heating ventilation and air conditioning which is covered with a cabin filter. Car cabin air filter is made up of small and pleated units of multifibre cotton or some other engineered material. It performs the function of filtering the air of all the contaminants. It traps all the pollutants present in the air and makes it clean and fresh. To make it easy for the passengers to breathe easily in the air. And keeps your car free of any kind of dirt, dust, bacteria, and pollen that might enter your car via the air.

Car cabin air filter is a very crucial part of the car ventilation system as it helps in keeping the flow of air clean and fresh. It also keeps any kind of flies and unwanted solid waste from entering the car such as leaves twigs or any other kind of debris.

Cabin filters collect dirt and dust particles, and they may get clogged with dirt if used for longer periods. It should be changed at regular intervals to ensure that the air is getting filtered.

The duration of use and frequency of change depends on the distance travelled by car and the level of pollution in the air. If you’re travelling in a very polluted area with one of the worse AQI’s. Then you may have to increase the frequency of changing the filters of your car. If the filters are not changed on time. It may negatively affect the HVAC system and worsen the quality of air circulating in the car.

Therefore, get a cabin filter and enjoy the fresh air in the comfort of your car.

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