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Top 6 Products of Oracle Projects and Its Key Features

The applications that create the Oracle Projects application that works jointly to deliver a comprehensive enterprise project management explanation. They also help the project manager to supervise their project to generate a wide variety of reports quickly. It also assists virtual and globally allocated project teams to convey efficiently, unite, and complete jobs. There are many Oracle Project Online course on different websites where you will get detailed knowledge about this particular course. 

Products of Oracle Project

Costing-: Oracle Project Costing delivers an integrated cost management solution for all assignments and actions within a business. It helps to manage costs across the currency and organizational limits. This product gives complete and timely access to project progress information and resulting accounting impacts.

Key Features of Oracle Project Costing

  • Adaptable template-driven project description
  • Numerous currency financial plans and budget design
  • Various accrual and expenditure capture
  • Robust expenditure that control and combined with other Oracle applications
  • Influential burdening functionality
  • Rule-based known ledger account functionality
  • Vast reporting functionality with drill-down credentials
  • Capable asset creation and CIP cost production

Billing-: Billing helps companies to facilitate customer invoicing, simplify corporate cash flow, and figure the advantage of contract assignments. With the help of Project Billing, project administrators can examine project bills online and research project profitability. Accounting managers can see the corporate influence of project work.

Key Features of Oracle Project Billing

  • Adjustable contracts in numerous currencies with either hard or soft limits
  • Budgeting for income in multiple currencies, individually from the cost
  • Organization-level and project-specific billing rate programs and overrides
  • Universal billing retention and tax functionality
  • Flexible revenue accrual accounting
  • Information for unbilled receivables and unearned income
  • It helps to combine Oracle Project Billing and other Oracle applications

Resource Management-: Oracle Project Resource Management supervises human resource deployment and the ability for the required assignment. This management empowers key project stakeholders to create better use of the single most crucial assets.

Key Features of Oracle Project Resource Management 

  • Shared schedules and availability
  • Concise requirements definition
  • Targeted searches
  • Automated approval processing
  • Self-service staffing roles are grouped by function
  • Global resource deployment
  • Actual and scheduled utilization
  • Project financial forecasts
  • Capture time and expense

Project Management-: Oracle Project Management needs constant decision-making to fulfill desired delivery and financial targets. This offers project managers to visualize and command needs to provide for projects successfully and operate efficiently. 

Key Features of Oracle Project Management

  • Integrated project planning and tracking
  • Issue and change management
  • Budget and forecast oversight
  • Robust project security and access
  • Intuitive and easily personalize the user interface
  • Integration with everyday Project Management tools

Collaboration-: Collaboration helps associates of multinational or virtual project units in the continuing action to examine and complete project tasks by helping them to cooperate and communicate with comfort. Project teams can hire people each demanding personalized credentials to project details from inside and outside companies.

Key Features of Oracle Project Collaboration

  • Access to structured workspaces 
  • Collaborate toward problem and shift solution by sharing details and giving efforts to appropriate people
  • Documentation of progress against assigned work
  • Management of documents and deliverables
  • Secure and intuitive user interface

Daily Business Intelligence-: Daily business intelligence projects offer full and detailed knowledge about the tasks. They deliver daily overviews of key metrics including payment, cost, margin, bookings, etc. It helps an executive manager to review information overview in both graphic and tabular formats.  It also drills down to clear projects and tasks as essential.

Key Features of Oracle Daily Business Intelligence Project 

  • tasks as essential.
  • Simple setup and out-of-the-box reporting
  • Project profitability reporting through portal pages
  • Registering of critical execution indicates across the business cycle
  • Data access secured by an organization and operating unit
  • Cross-project reporting in different reporting dimensions
  • Display of information by year, quarter, month, and week periods
  • Comparison of recent substantial amounts to the last year, prior period, and budgets
  • Reporting by enterprise and functional currency


In the end, the Oracle project helps to deliver a well-organized data flow, encourage a global split of resources and deliver robust intercompany analysis. This application is helpful in every aspect to enhance your skills. Many institutes for Oracle Training in Delhi are running that help you to enhance your knowledge for this particular training course. 

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