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Food and Drink

How AI & Machine Learning Will Change The Food And Beverage Industry

Artificial Intelligence helps brands in food and beverage innovation. AI and the food industry can work together to create sustainable solutions. AI is good at processing data without any error or delay in operations. It helps faster delivery of services and increases their profitability. There is more to its benefits, but every food brand can scale up its operations with Artificial Intelligence. In this article, you will see the future applications of AI in the food industry.

Traceability of products:

Restaurants receive thousands of products from farmers living in different places. They have to keep a record as part of their safety measures to avoid food contamination. But it is not an easy task and requires more resources to keep track of the products. AI helps brands trace the products from the source to the end product. It allows companies to increase their profits by improving the quality of products. In addition, they can cut down on the money spent in meeting food safety standards set down by public regulators. Customers today want to know where their products are coming from. AI will help these brands provide the information customers need. AI also helps trace the source of ingredients in the beverage industry and aids in beverage innovation. As discussed, AI and the food industry can work together to boost the transparency of food products and increase profitability for companies.

AI in commercial voice searches

Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are everywhere and will grow more popular. They help people get what they want without much effort. All users need to do is to speak into the voice assistant. Because of the ease of use, voice searches are taking over Google searches. Restaurants can benefit from this technology and attract more customers by optimizing their websites. In addition, they can allow customers to place hands-free orders. It will help hungry customers get their products delivered to their doorstep quickly. 

The combined potential of AI and IoT:

AI and IoT (Internet of Things) can work together to bring more revenue for the company and enhance customer experience. Huge customer data can be collected with sensors. AI can feed on this data and understand when action is needed to meet customer needs. What AI does is collect, sort, and identify significant data. It can spot early signs of a potential failure and recommend solutions. Companies can then send workers to solve the problem and avoid loss of revenue. 

Food recommendations based on health data

People today have little say in the making of food. They have to buy foods from brands based on the preset menu. Customers can’t get the food they need based on their health. The need is always there to accommodate customers with different medical conditions.

 AI will help brands deliver highly specialized products based on customer health. It can get data about blood sugar levels, sleep patterns, and other variables to recommend highly personalized products. AI can do this by recommending ingredients in recipes, without sacrificing the taste. 

Facial Recognition Technology:

We can see the application of facial recognition technology in the food and beverage industry in various ways. It is used to identify products with the help of cameras. AI can recognize the product from the vast amount of data it collects and provide details about the product. AI also helps maintain safety standards by scanning workers to check whether they wear masks and gloves. Also, facial recognition technology helps brands in security clearance and prevents strangers from accessing their facilities.

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