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Dry Skin “Autumn / Winter Skin Trouble”

“I don’t like looking in the mirror”, “I don’t feel the tension even if I dress up”, “I’m worried about itching and redness …” Autumn-winter. The air is the clearest in a year, and the sensitivity is the highest in a year. Therefore, autumn is the season when you can dress up the most in a year, go out with someone, and be beautiful. I feel the warmest in a year and miss the most people in a year. That’s why winter is the season when you can take good care of yourself and polish yourself to be beautiful.

Autumn to winter is the season to take good care of yourself. However, I have problems with dry skin, itching and rough skin. I want to do something about it. Here, we will introduce the causes of skin problems in the fall and winter and recommended Chinese medicines for each skin problem. I want to find a Chinese medicine that suits me and free myself from skin problems.

Five Causes of Autumn / Winter Skin Problems such as Dry Skin and Rough Skin

What are the causes of skin problems in the fall and winter? Here are five causes.

1. Damage due to dryness
Ultraviolet rays and air conditioner winds received in the summer dry and damage the skin. From autumn to winter, the northerly wind becomes stronger and dry, and it has a great effect on the skin, which can cause rough skin.

2. Cold body
Autumn-winter is the season when you are worried about the cold body.
When the body gets cold, blood circulation gets worse. In the world of Chinese medicine, cold is the cause of all illnesses. As the body gets colder, the circulation decreases, and the metabolism of the skin also deteriorates.

3. Insomnia
Sleep is closely related to temperature and humidity. I think many people find it difficult to sleep in the heat of summer. On the other hand, in autumn and winter, the temperature is too low and the environment is dry, so sleep tends to be light, such as being unable to sleep or waking up halfway. Insomnia slows down the metabolism (turnover) of the skin and causes poor nutritional supply to the skin, causing rough skin.

4. Stress
Accumulated stress In the Chinese way of thinking, the flow of qi becomes worse due to frustration and stress. When you are stagnant, you may get unneeded heat, redden your skin, and itching. Symptoms are especially strong in the dry autumn and winter.

5. Overeating
overeating of stimulants Overeating in the fall of fruit and the fall of appetite. Also, at the end of the year, it is a time when people often drink too much at year-end parties. Maybe many people just eat too much or drink too much? Drinking and eating tires the gastrointestinal tract. Stimulating foods and drinks such as alcohol, chocolate, coffee, cigarettes, and spicy foods also stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and also make the gastrointestinal tract tired. In the Chinese way of thinking, excessive stimulation reduces the function of the digestive system in general (“spleen”) and also reduces the ability to detoxify, so it is easy to get rough skin.

Reasons why Chinese medicine is recommended for dry skin and rough skin “autumn / winter skin troubles”

It is said that “skin is a mirror of internal organs”. The Chinese way of thinking that skin problems are not limited to the skin. Think of your skin, body, and heart as “one”. That is the world of Chinese medicine. The problem on the surface of the skin is also seen as one of the signs from the inside of the body, and it is possible to notice why the current symptoms are occurring and cure them with Chinese herbs and curing methods.

Recommended Chinese medicine for each symptom of skin troubles in autumn and winter

Even if you say dry skin or rough skin, there is more than one symptom. Here are some recommended Chinese medicines for each skin problem in the fall and winter. Before I go any further, if you have any queries or questions consult with a Skin Specialist.

Do you have any of these symptoms if your skin is very dry and dry or itchy during the fall and winter seasons ?

Dizziness / lightheadedness
Irregular menstruation / menstrual pain
Hair is not glossy
Nail is brittle and easy to break
Easy to get cold
Itchy when warmed

The constitution of the person who applies to this is called “blood emptiness” in the world of Kampo, and I think that there is a shortage of blood . In Chinese medicine, blood is considered to be “nutrition” and has the role of moisturizing and energizing the tissues and organs of the whole body. It is said that it leads to skin troubles due to lack of nutrition and poor circulation.

Always dry, dry or itchy

” Toukiinshi ” is recommended for dry and itchy skin seen in people with “blood deficiency” .

Recommended for people like this

  1. Those who have dry and non-moisturized skin and itchy symptoms
  2. People who suffer from dry skin regardless of the season
  3. Those who have poor circulation of blood
  4. Those who become extremely dry and itchy due to warming
  5. Eczema, secretions, etc. Those with less itching
  6. Those who have worse dry skin as they get older

Toki-drinking child is based on a Chinese herbal medicine called “Shimotsuto” that replenishes blood, nourishes the skin and prevents it from drying out. It contains a herbal medicine that relieves itching. If you have dry skin that wipes white powder and it becomes itchy when warmed, please try it.

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I’m worried about warts, rough skin, and texture of the skin.

For those who are concerned about rough skin and texture of the skin, and those who are concerned about warts , ” Yokuinin ” is recommended.

Although many people may not come to Yokuinin, it is a seed that has been peeled from Coix seeds. If you roast it with the pearl barley skin on, you can make fragrant and delicious pearl barley tea. Also, when peeled and roasted, it becomes like popcorn, and it is very delicious when topped with soups, salads and porridge.

In China, the peeled seeds of Coix seeds are called “Yokuinin” and have been used mainly as a crude drug that has the effect of removing warts. Yokuinin helps the gastrointestinal function, separates unnecessary water and puts it out, promotes the discharge of waste products in the body, and is thought to have pus drainage and anti-inflammatory effects.

Easy to get acne and spots

For those who are prone to acne and scars and are concerned about cold feet and hot flashes, we recommend Keishibukuryogan Kayoinin .

Here, “Yokuinin” introduced earlier is added to “Keishibukuryogan”. From the Chinese point of view, when it comes to blood stasis-a state in which blood is stagnant due to muddy blood-the circulation of blood becomes poor, nutrition cannot be distributed, and heat is trapped. As it becomes easier, it becomes easier for pimples and rough skin to occur. “Keishibukuryogan” is a Chinese herbal medicine that sheds blood stasis. By adding “Yokuinin” to “Keishibukuryogan”, it becomes an effective hot flash for acne, age spots, and hot flashes with cold hands and feet.

I’m worried about reddish dermatitis, repeated stomatitis

For those who are prone to mouth ulcers and those who are prone to redness due to inflammation of the skin, there is a Chinese herbal medicine called ” Orengedokuto “.

It is recommended for symptoms such as dermatitis and mouth ulcer because it removes unnecessary heat from the body. It is also recommended for frustration and insomnia by removing unnecessary heat.

Chinese Way of Thinking

According to the classic Chinese book “Huangdi Neijing-Students”, autumn is called “Yohei”, and the air is dry, everything is tightened, and everything bears fruit. It’s better not to get frustrated, to be too active, and not to sweat too much, saying that you want to do this and that at this time. He tells me that if you radiate too much energy in yourself, you will be more likely to have diarrhea or catch a cold in winter .

In addition, winter is called “closed storage”, which is the time when everything is quiet. The time when time flows slowly. I think it’s time to store everything and store it, and never let it emanate. During this time, I sleep early and get up late. It is said that your mind and body should not be active, make noise, or sweat. He tells me that if you overdo it in winter, you will get tired and stuck in spring .

The Chinese Idea

The idea of ​​Chinese medicine is not old, it is exactly what we need now. The traditional Chinese way of living according to the season is called curing. To take good care of yourself and to take good care of the four seasons and nature. Skin problems are visible problems. It may be a message from your body and heart. Let’s start by taking good care of yourself. Get a good night’s sleep, calm your mind, and warm your body and mind.

Choosing a Chinese medicine that suits you and incorporating it into your daily life means meeting yourself one level higher. And to be more and more confident in yourself. Chinese herbal medicine also has such power. Please try to incorporate it. Furthermore, if you liked this content then you can share your positive views and appriciation with me so it can help me write here more often. If you want to read more content like this then visit.

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