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Does Medical Marijuana help in eating Disorders

Recently, studies have established the role of Medical Marijuana in the treatment of symptoms of eating disorders. Medical Marijuana can be added to your treatment plan if you get Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota certification and possess a valid Medical Marijuana Card. My Florida Green is a Marijuana service provider in Florida, with branches in many cities, including Sarasota, Melbourne, St. Petersburg, and others.

Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg Florida
Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg Florida

What are Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota eating disorders?

An eating disorder affects a person’s eating habits and plays havoc with their relationship with food. So, it disturbs the person’s appetite and eating, alters the absorption of nutrients. So, and affects the overall mental, emotional, and physical health. The eating disorders include:

  • Binge eating disorder (BED)
  • Bulimia
  • Anorexia

A combination of factors genetic, environmental, social, and biological can cause these disorders. Also, eating disorders often manifest along with other mental health problems. So, such as depression, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and others Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg Florida.

The most common symptoms of eating disorders are:


  • Episodes of binge eating followed by purging (forced vomiting or by using drugs)
  • A constant fear of gaining weight
  • Being very conscious of body weight and shape
  • Forceful and intentional vomiting after eating
  • Excessive exercising after binge eating to avoid gaining weight (also called purging) or using laxatives.
  • Period of eating large amounts of food without any control over it.

Binge Eating Disorder

  • Overeating, even when you don’t feel hungry. So, most often, people tend to eat alone.
  • Feeling depressed, ashamed, guilty, or disgusted after binge eating.


  • Seeing yourself as overweight when you are actually at a healthy weight or underweight.
  • Taking appetite suppressants (medicine to reduce your hunger)
  • Missing meals, avoiding eating, and controlling your diet to eating minimal amounts.
  • In severe cases, girls’ menstrual cycles are disrupted.
  • People become extremely weak and start feeling dizzy,
  • In severe cases, people get dehydrated, can have dry skin, and even have hair loss.

    Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg
    Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg

Futhermore, medical marijuana can be added to your treatment once you book an appointment with a licensed Marijuana physician. My Florida Green has a network of the most experienced Marijuana physicians that can evaluate your condition and give you a Medical Marijuana Naples recommendation for your symptoms.

Does Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota help patients with eating disorders?

The benefits and healing effects of Medical Marijuana have been establish, and some studies have state it can help people who suffer from anorexia and bulimia. However, more research is require to fully understand its benefits.

Also, you should always consult a Marijuana specialist. So, before taking any Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg product for your eating disorder. My Florida Green can assist you in the process of certification for Marijuana use.

MY FLORIDA GREEN – Proving fast, secure, and efficient Marijuana services

It is important to the success of any treatment that it is monitor by a professional. Hence, you should start your Marijuana journey by seeking the help of an expert. My Florida Green is the most established Marijuana service centers in Florida that can assist with a free eligibility. Moreover, check and give you access to a network of most experienced Marijuana physicians until. Also, you get a Marijuana recommendation that will give you the best results for your medical condition.

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