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Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Practice

Do you want to kickstart a yoga practice but have no idea where to begin? It is normal. Yoga is a spiritual art the origins of which go back at least 5000 years.

Needless to say, this ancient art possesses in-depth knowledge of the working of the human mind and body. Therefore, it is completely normal for you to be confused about where to take the first step.

Don’t worry! Yoga experts have come up with a guide to help you understand everything about yoga. However, first, let us start by understanding what yoga is.

Yoga – A Brief Introduction

Put simply, yoga is more than a physical workout as it solidifies the connection between your mind and body.

A yoga session is more about deep breathing and meditation than it is about practicing a set of asanas every day. You should enroll in a certified RYT to learn everything about this ancient art in detail from the yoga masters.

With that said, given below are some easy-to-follow tips to help you practice yoga as a beginner.

Tips to Practice Yoga for Beginner’s

Given below are five tips to help you start a yoga practice as a beginner.

1. Have an Open Mind

There are many yoga beginners who remain unsure of what to think during the first yoga class. Keep in mind that yoga is an in-depth spiritual art and has plenty to offer only if you allow yourself to learn. Therefore, when you enter the first yoga class, focus on something positive like what you can learn from the session.

2. Master the Basics

There are yoga studios and schools which offer beginner yoga classes. It helps the yoga instructor create a sequence that contains the basics like body alignment and asanas. Yoga also requires you to master the basic techniques before moving to advanced ones. Enroll in a certified RYT to learn yoga basics under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers.

3. Understand Sanskrit

The majority of yoga instructors learn the names of yoga asanas in Sanskrit and their native language. It might be a bit hard as you have to learn the same thing in two different languages. With time, you will start to learn the different Sanskrit names of yoga asanas and techniques.

4. Do Not Compare

The most important yet vital thing to do for you as a beginner is to not compare. Although it is tempting to look around and check other yogis during the class, it is not a wise decision. The entire goal of a yoga practice is to focus on your own mental and physical well-being. The Yoga Alliance certified RYT can help you overcome this obstacle in yoga practice.

5. Focus On the Pose

As you listen to the cue of the yoga instructor during the yoga session, you will start to hold your breath and tense your face. Remember, breathing provides oxygen to your body and flows through the blood to the vital organs. Combining deep breathing with the correct body movement is what helps your body reap the benefits of yoga practice.

These are the five tips to help you start a yoga practice as a beginner. If you follow these tips, there are some impressive benefits you can reap.

Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

Given below are some impressive benefits of daily yoga practice for beginners.

1. Helps Lose Weight

Heard about Sun Salutation and Kapal Bhati Pranayama? These two are the most powerful yoga techniques to help you lose excess weight. Daily practice of yoga helps your body lose unnecessary weight by helping you keep a check on food intake and body weight.

2. Improves Heart Health

There is a multitude of factors that contribute to heart disease and problems with blood pressure levels. Daily yoga practice helps minimize stress levels and inflammation. In the long run, this keeps your heart healthy. You should enroll in a certified RYT to learn how yoga practice helps you maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

3. Improves Immunity

The unity of mind, body, and spirit helps you enter a state of calm and peace. It is what helps you get rid of the negative thoughts and invite positivity into your life. At the same time, yoga also offers your body a gentle massage and strengthens all the important muscles.


Do you want to keep negativity and stress away? Enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified RYT to learn the spiritual art of yoga and its benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.

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