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Avail of free daily love horoscope to find your perfect match

Nidhi and Karan were deeply in love with each other. Nidhi was a fashion designer, while Karan was a software engineer. Although their professional career and fields were of different lines and tracks. They happened to come across and fall for each other at first sight. However, the differences in casts and one of their families being very orthodox about the horoscope matchmaking ultimately led to the disturbances in their marriage and delay. Having got frustrated from her family, Nidhi had taken specific help from daily love horoscopes, and considering their remedies and measures, both Nidhi and Karan are happily married now.

Not only them but many couples have got help from this and are now leading a happy marital life. This site not only helps in knowing your doshas but also provides adequate remedies. It also measures that can help in the decreasing effect or nullify of the doshas prevailing in the horoscopes. For a perfect match, it is required to match many criteria in the horoscopes of both the bride and the groom for a happy marital life; otherwise, it can lead to fatal results if left unchecked. You can also check your horoscope daily to know your lucky time, remedies, and color for that particular day.

Roles of houses are important in daily love horoscopes

There are 12 houses present in a birth chart. Each home has a specific significance that plays a significant role in the personal life. Each house in the horoscope has been assigned particular criteria and functions that create either positive-negative or neutral effects in a person’s life. Among the 12 places in the birth chart, the 5th and the 7th house indicates love and marriage, respectively. Apart from the houses in the chart, there are planets named Lords in astronomy. These have certain functions that enhance or decrease specific effects of the prevailing homes.

From the horoscope itself, the natural characteristics attitude of the spouse can also be predicted. Different conjunctions of planets depict or symbolize love marriage in the native’s life. There are also certain Lords like Venus, all the meeting of Rahu and Venus in the worlds of Libra, pieces, Scorpio in the house like those of 5th,7th,8th, and 2nd can give quite a good indication that the native can have a love marriage.

Apart from the different Lords and planets prevailing in the birth chart, matching Lagnas and Zodiac signs can also signify or predict that the natives will have a love marriage. You can also go through the daily love horoscope and find your soulmate through them just by giving your place and date of birth, time along with your name accurately and learn about your horoscope in a precise way.

 What is Guna Milan in the daily love horoscope?

The guna of both the bride and the groom need to be matched for a better marital life that can be known through a daily love horoscope. It is also quite recommended to check the matchmaking of the different Gunas, which are 36 in number to be matched at least 18, then the marriage can be approved. If it is less than 18, then the marriage cannot be approved, and it is not advised.

Also, if it is forcefully done, it might result in fatal situations in severe conditions and it might lead to the death of either of the couple. If it is between 18 to 24, then the marriage can happen, and if it is beyond 24 and between 32, then it is regarded as one of the best matches, and above 32 can indicate a heavenly made couple and ultimately make for each other. You can also check your horoscope through free horoscope online and get your better half in no time.

What are Ashta Koota Milan and its characteristics in daily love horoscope?

The gunas matching Is also known as the Kootas Milan in astrology. There are many characteristics upon which matchmaking is done. Some include emotional understanding, physical attraction, and compatibility between the bride and the groom, which is very important for a happy married life. You can also go through our free horoscope matching and learn about the compatibility between you and your partner.

In Hinduism, marriages are considered one of the most sacred rituals for the critical purpose of household life. To execute the marital life happily, it is reasonably required for the birth chart to be appropriately matched. There are eight gunas to be checked for a successful marriage.

  • Varna: This category refers to the round compatibility between the bride and the groom. It is divided into four different types: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Sudras. As per astrology, for a better marriage, the births of both partners should have the same Varnas.
  • Vasya: This category refers to strength as the dominating factor between the partners in their marriage. This is further divided into five categories involving various animals known as Chatuspadas.
  • Tara: It refers to the futuristic approach of the couple in the marriage, further divided into nine groups.
  • Yoni: This category is one of the most sought-after concerns, and it depicts the physical attraction between the couple.
  • Graha-Maitri: This category speaks about the compatibility of the mentality and romance between the couple in a healthy relationship after marriage.
  • Gana: This section determines the essential characteristics and attitudes that play a critical role in a successful marriage.
  • Bhakoot: It is related to the after health factor of the couple.
  • Nadi: This section also determines the health of both individuals after the marriage.

What are the different doshas in the daily love horoscope?

Different kinds of doshas can be predicted through a daily love horoscope. They are:-

  • Manglik dosha: The birth chart with this particular dosha needs to be corrected because it tends to prevent or cause an extended delay in the marriage procedure. If the marriage happens, then it also causes tremendous problems in both of the partners’ lives.
  • Kaal sarpa dosha: The presence of this dosha also causes delays in marriages.
  • Nadi dosha: This dosha in the birth chart causes serious health problems after marriage.

What are the different remedies for doshas in daily love horoscope?

There are different remedies for each dosha that can help decrease the effect. These remedies can be learned from the free love horoscope.

  • For the mangal dosha, it is required to perform Kumbh vivah, offerings and contributions, rituals in temples, and usually two Manglik can get married for the effect of the dosha to get nullified.
  • For Kaal sarpa, one can chant the mantra of Lord Shiva at least 108 times which is considered one of the effective ways to get over this dosha and the horoscope.

These are the various remedies that can be applied to have a better marital life free of any strong influences. Apart from giving you proper knowledge about your birth chart, this site also provides necessary remedies for various doshas. Following this, you can get a perfect life partner for yourself.






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