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All About The Blue Dream Terpene

The Blue Dream terpenes are a popular choice among vape enthusiasts for their flavors and aroma. It is certainly one you must try if you need something that gives you a long-lasting high.

What are the Flavors of Blue Dream?

This is usually the first thing that someone wanting to try a terp for the first time asks. Well, this one has a sweet and pungent aroma. The next thing you will notice is a berry-like flavor that will satisfy the fruit-lover in you. You will also be able to detect notes of pine, citrus, lemon, and spices. The lovely floral and fruity flavors will entice you.

This particular terpene is known for having strong aromas that will certainly make your vape-time pleasurable.

Where Does Blue Dream Come from?

The origins of this beautiful strain can be traced to the crossbreeding of Super Silver Haze and Blueberry strains. The results were pretty awesome which explains the continued popularity of Blue Dream. Santa Cruz in California first saw its inception from where it spread to all other parts of the country. DJ Short is the breeder who is known to have first crossbred it.

What are the Effects of the Blue Dream?

This is one of the food-grade terpenes you can use on all kinds of prepared foods. Whether you are in the mood for pasta or cookies, use a few drops of this terp to enhance the flavors and make you feel good. The first few tokes are going to give you a cerebral rush. Enjoy heightened motivation and focus. You will feel a well of energy open up inside of you. But that is just the first part of the experience.

Next up will be a state where you will feel completely relaxed. The well-rounded and long-lasting high will make time spent with friends enjoyable.

Blue Dream terpenes is undoubtedly one product you must have in your arsenal if you like the creative spark that Sativa-dominant strains promise. The 70% Sativa composition urges your energetic and creative juices to flow and gives way to calmness and relaxation.

Use this food grade terpene for vaping as well as on your favorite dishes.

This super hybrid not just tastes amazing, but can also help you sleep better at night. Always buy your terpenes from well-known sellers who don’t cut costs when it comes to maintaining stringent quality control over production.


What does Blue Dream terpenes taste like?

The fruity, blueberry flavor in this Sativa is due to high levels of the terpene myrcene. Linalool, which appears in Blue Dream, is known for its distinct sweetness, distinguishing it from other fruit-flavored strains.

Will Blue Dream make me sleepy?

Blue Dream, with a sweet berry aroma reminiscent of its Blueberry origins, provides relief without inducing sedation. This property makes it an effective treatment for pain, nausea, depression, and other symptoms that necessitate a high THC strain.

Is Blue Dream good for depression?

Blue Dream has a strong euphoric effect on the body and a sweet berry aroma. Because of its level effects and low sedation, this strain is popular among new and experienced users. It’s an excellent daytime strain for depression and anxiety.

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