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6 Things to Look for In an Elderly Friendly Shoes

As people get older, their feet change, and it becomes very normal for them to experience a decrease in the fat padding at the bottom of their feet. This is because the feet experience more impact as they walk. And with weaker joints and stiff arches, the tendons and ligaments easily lose their strength and grip. Therefore, at that age, the feet do not have much natural support, so they need their footwear to do that job. Keep reading further to know about 6 things that you need to consider while buying shoes for the elderly. 

  • Non Slip Soles:

Non-slip soles are important, especially for the elderly. It helps prevent slips and bad falls that help the elderly from getting a bad injury. It improves the safety of the elderly, as the soles are oil repellent, reducing the risks of falls. Also, no-slip soles are water repellent, which helps keep the socks dry. It also adds a layer of safety against hot foods and liquids that the elderly tend to drop while eating. These are more durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is also good for the health of the elderly. It helps support the foot’s arch, making it more comfortable to wear for longer. Also, these are cost-effective and provide you with many benefits for your elderly. 

  • Flat or Low Heels:

Flat and low heels are practical for the elderly because they provide more stability and help with proper balancing. It is most comfortable for the elderly if they also go for a small walk. It has the lowest risks of falling and is also good for their health. If the shoes are not flat, then it creates back problems shifting the balance of the center. It also provides good safety, especially while transferring them from wheelchairs to their beds or vice versa. 

  • Elastic Laces:

Elastic shoelaces work best for the elderly because of their elasticity. It provides the feet with better support. It is comfortable to wear shoes with elastic shoelaces for a longer duration of time when compared to nylon laces. It also helps increase the blood flow in the feet as it is elastic in nature; it does not get too tight. It allows your feet to breathe by decreasing the pressure so that, as a caregiver, you never have to worry about restricting blood circulation. It helps the shoes to expand, as in when the feet of the elderly swell up. 

  • Long Shoe Horn:

Long shoe horns are designed especially for the elderly to facilitate easy gliding of the foot into the shoe. It increases the shoes’ longevity and helps take care of the feet of the elderly. It acts as a smooth ramp that holds the back of the shoe to provide more space for the foot to easily slip into the shoe without the heel or ankle catching on the shoe. It is made from many different materials like wood, plastic, and metal. It is cost-effective and highly reliable. 

  • High Back or Low Heels:

High back shoes help work the leg muscles for the elderly, leading to more muscles and fewer fats in the calves. The height of the back should be proper so that it is convenient for the elderly to use it.

Low heels help improve the posture and help balance the body of the elderly better. It also helps with good posture, which helps with the overall health of the elderly. It also helps avoid neuromas, an abnormal growth of the nerve tissue that results in irritation of the foot nerves. It also helps decrease the swelling in the feet and helps avoid plantar fasciitis. 

  • Good Padding:

A well-padded shoe is what helps the elderly feel more comfortable in them and also use it for a longer duration. A well-padded shoe helps provide extra support and better stability to the elderly. It reduces joint stress and pain by increasing blood circulation. It also improves leg comfort so that the shoe perfectly fits the foot of the elderly. 


A good pair of shoes is what keeps the elderly going outdoors more. And going outdoors not only helps with their mental health but also with their physical health. An ideal shoe is one that has no-slip soles, elastic shoelaces, low heels, and good padding. It provides an overall comfort to the feet of the elderly. It also helps reduce the swelling in their feet, increasing blood circulation and also improving their posture. Also, it helps to balance their body in a better way so that the risks of them falling and slipping are less. Thus, a good shoe improves the overall health of the elderly. 

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