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10 Gift Ideas for the Elderly – UK Elderly Companionship

Who doesn’t like presents, especially during the holiday season? 

Whether you’re a family member or work in the UK elderly companionship, you might’ve asked your elderly if they wanted anything for the holidays or any just occasion as a present. Their response might’ve been, “No darling, I don’t want anything”. But, deep down you know you have to get them something.

Because your elderly loved one has rejected your offer and idea of a gift, you’ll now be bound to use your creativity to decide what to get for them. Still haven’t had any luck finding the perfect gift for your loved one? 

Fret no more. In this article, we are going to give you 10 perfect gift ideas for your elderly loved one.

Digitized photographs

If you want to do a little something yourself for your elderly loved one, try collecting your most precious photographs and albums of you and your family, with your elderly, loved one. Then, get those digitized. Your senior loved one would definitely appreciate all the effort you had put in gathering all your family members and rekindling some beautiful memories.

Electric blanket

Who doesn’t want to cozy up this winter season? Your elderly loved one would surely love to. Then why not give them an advanced electric blanket as a present? Your loved one will love to snuggle up in this blanket, especially during the cold nights. Go for the softest and coziest material you can find, to make sure your elderly loved one enjoys all the softness and warmth of the blanket. 

Exercise set

Has your elderly loved one withdrawn himself/herself from physical activity? If so, then this is totally normal, considering their age. However, you can totally change this. Consider gifting your loved one a chair exercise set they can use to keep themself physically active and fit, right from the comfort of their chairs! 

This chair exercise set is going to feature every simple exercising equipment and material they need to carry out safe and easy workouts all by themselves. Also, this gift will help them stay active, and mentally and physically well. 

Painting set

Want your elderly loved one to stay occupied and kill time? Painting is the best way to pass time. Let your loved ones unleash their creativity with a painting set. 

It will include various brushes, paints, and acrylic paper to have them all sorted out. This is definitely going to turn into a fun and healthy hobby for your loved one, which is going to have positive effects on their mental health as well. Try framing your loved one’s art pieces when they’re done so that they feel acknowledged.

Back and neck massagers

Gift your elderly loved one a back or neck massager to help them relax and relieve joint or muscle pain. This does not only help the elderly relax and de-stress but is also helpful for conditions that are common at this age, such as arthritis and other muscle and joint conditions.

Towel warmer

Make your elderly loved one’s bath and shower even more comfortable by giving them a towel warmer. A towel warming is going to warm up their towels in the cold morning when taking a shower or bathing is most undesirable. Not only do these warm towels, but bathrobes as well. This is definitely going to make their bathing everyday far more luxurious than ever before.

Electric wheelchair

Up the wheelchair game of your elderly loved one, by replacing their ordinary wheelchair with an electric one. 

By using an electric wheelchair, your loved one will never need anyone to push them around all the time. They’ll use their remote control and move anywhere they want! Of course, an electric wheelchair will be on the higher end of your budget, but will definitely be adored by your elderly loved one.

Game sets

Board games are the perfect way to pass time, that too with your loved ones. A game set is going to keep your seniors occupied all day alone with their friends or family members, and is also going to help them stay sharp and acutely clever. Add a pack of poker cards to make this gift even better.

Essential oil diffuser

Aromatherapy is a great way to rewind and destress yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Gift your elderly loved one with an aromatic essential oil diffuser, to help them benefit from natural oils and pleasant fragrance. The good part is, these diffusers are quite a cheap purchase, and are also incredibly soothing and relaxing for any individual. Add numerous essential oils to ensure your loved one can have the best of every oil, such as lavender, rose oil, rosemary oil, citrus oil, chamomile, and so on.

Electric toothbrush

Hygiene, especially oral hygiene, is essential for the elderly. An electric toothbrush is going to help your loved ones take care of their oral hygiene without minimum effort.

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