5 Signs- Time to See a Retina Specialist

Here is a hot scalding question- when was the last time you visited a retina specialist in Gurgaon? Suggestively, one should go for an eye examination every year. If one doesn’t go for an eye check-up, it could lead to eye issues. Many symptoms tell one to have an early check-up or a yearly eye check.

Viaan eye and retina centre has prepared a list of signs where one visits a retina specialist. Let’s start.

  • Frequent Headaches

Repeated headaches are the symptoms where one needs to stand and go to the retina eye specialist. Headaches are indications of deterioration of eyesight. One might be not noticed in the first phase but after some time, it will become frequent.

  • Pain in the Eyes

Eye pain happens due to fatigue that is a direct symptom of eye issues. One should take the eye fatigue or eye pain seriously and go for a check-up. If there is pain even in doing eye movement for 3-4 days in a row, schedule an appointment with our eye specialist for kids.

  • Dryness in the Eyes

Allergies that vary with seasons can make eyes dry and itchy. Dryness can also happen because of prolonged usage of the screen. Dry eye is a chronic condition that could be managed by using in-home treatments and solutions. But, one needs to take a step up and book their appointment at Dr Neeraj Sanduja.

  • Swollen Eyes

Swollen eyes could be the result of an eye infection, not just swollen eyes, but also the discoloured or pink-white retina. Sometimes, the infected eyes may also have discharge. Having eye discharge or not, but a check-up is needed.

  • Halos in Daytime

If one is experiencing halos (a kind of circle/aura) around a light source or bulb- it is a sign that one may have presbyopia or astigmatism. It is a serious symptom and a sign that tells one to go for an optometrist.

Viaan eye and retina centre is here to help. Get ready to see the best for the lifetime with the 8 ways.

  1. Finding a reliable and trusted Eye Specialist

eye specialist for kids is eye experts. With no experts around the vicinity, to whom one is going to complain. Many eye diseases don’t have an early sign, so having a retina specialist in your contact list won’t hurt. Dr Neeraj Sanduja of Viaan eye and retina centre is one of the best eye specialists.

  • Increasing Physical Activity in routine

Movement in daily life can lower the health risks like diabetes and high blood pressure. These conditions have a direct connection with the vision.

Physical activities like exercising, walking, jogging, running, push-ups, stretching, etc can happen while being on the phone or doing chores. Every heartbeat counts!

  • Exploring the Eye History of the Family

Exploring the eye history of the family might not be sounding great for the dinner table topic but it helps everyone to stay healthy. Eye diseases like Glaucoma or age-related muscle degeneration are likely to be running in the family. Whatever the issues are, one needs to contact the retina specialist.

  • Eating green 

The green leafy vegetables provide natural shields to safeguard one from health conditions or ailments like obesity, blood pressure or diabetes. Adding more dark, green, spinach or collard greens and kale to the plate may help pick up essential nutrients.

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