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Will Rolex Prices Increase in 2022? – Find It Out

If you have spent the last few years saving away for a Rolex Submariner or a Daytona, then this news is sure to make you think twice. Buying a Rolex in 2022 just got a little more expensive. Perhaps this was the last news you were hoping to hear, but it’s true! You knew how hard it is to find an affordable Rolex timepiece all these years, and now the price bracket is likely to increase. But what’s the reason?

Why is the price of Rolex expected to rise in 2022?

Over the past few decades, popular luxury watch brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and others have intentionally created a scarcity in the market to increase the demand for the watches dramatically. Now, as it goes, the ongoing Omicron crisis has hit hard, and watchmakers are facing serious difficulty in maintaining the balance. With so many people sick with the virus, this was on the cards (fewer people, less manufacturing capacity).

Sad news, this situation is not likely to end anytime soon. However, the only ones to benefit from this scenario are the resellers making some serious cash in the pre-owned market. This means if you own a Rolex (any model) and decide to sell Rolex in London, expect to fetch a lucrative amount! You will be surprised to see how the watch collectors and fanatics are going crazy to own one. This is nothing new but simply a reflection of how the watch’s brand value and sentiment have pushed fans.

So, with demand skyrocketing and watches hard to find, it only makes sense that Rolex, as one of the world’s most luxurious watch manufacturers, would want to capitalise.

Which Rolex models have increased in price in 2022?

As per the latest reports, Rolex has increased its retail prices by approximately 3.4% starting January 1, 2022. Yeah, not a very ‘Happy’ New Year! The watch brand’s official e-commerce store reflected the price rise.

  • Rolex ‘Classic Collection’

Most notably, the Classic Rolex Collection, characterised by the Day-Date and Oyster Perpetual models, only received a slight price increase in the retails. But there was one model that saw a hefty increase in cost. Any guesses?

It’s the Stainless Steel Oyster Perpetual 41mm, Ref.124300. If you’re one such lucky model owner, you can sell Rolex at an attractive value!

  • Rolex ‘Professional Collection’

The Rolex Professional Collection, which includes the Submariner, Daytona, and GMT-Master II, sports the highest increase in retail prices. And, the one model which is most notable out of the lot is the Rolex Submariner in Stainless Steel, Ref.124060.

The Price Change Might Matter Less

Possibly you were all up to purchase a Rolex Daytona, Submariner, or Datejust in 2022 and the change in the markups might have washed all your plans. But wait! That’s not the case. We’ll tell you why.

Scarcity, or what you call the ‘False Scarcity’, has always been the masterstroke of brands like Rolex to maintain the demand in the market. But now it seems the shortage of the watches is due to lack of availability (fewer people working in the manufacturing units) and not by ‘demand’. So, if you were likely to buy it, you had to anyway turn to the pre-owned market to grab your favourite Rolex model.

Of course, you cannot expect to roll in off the street and buy a Submariner fresh from the boutique. Therefore, if ever you are to buy the covetable Rolex watches, head to the secondary market because retail doesn’t have it!

It’s a Win-Win for the Resellers in 2022

Meanwhile, if you were looking ‘how to sell my Rolex’ or ‘sell Rolex in London’, well, the time has come! The year 2022 seems to be the Golden Period in the watch industry. Not because that the retail outlets are flaunting all the new designs at an unbelievable price, but because you’re likely to get a hefty amount by selling Rolex Datejust or Submariner.

Sell Rolex to reliable watch buyers in London, and you’ll be shocked to spot the madness! Like, literally.

What are some of the trends you might see in 2022?

2022 has already started on an unprecedented note. Speaking for the watch aficionados: there are a few trends that will undoubtedly rein this year, which are as follows:

Top 3 Rolex Trends in 2022

  1. Bring On the Bright

For Rolex, the public has showered a lot of love and desirability for the bright dials like yellow and red. Watch collectors these days seek out watches with a bold and bright look. So, if you were looking for investing in one, we suggest a Rolex model with green, blue, yellow, or red dials.

And, if you’re that chosen one who already owns one and looking for a quick way to earn some solid cash, sell Rolex in London to get a high value in the pre-owned market.

  1. Skyrocketing Demand

As said above, one of the most striking trends to continue in 2022 is the frustrating low supply. This particular trend has gripped the watch world since 2016, but in 2022 it will take a bigger shape.

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted the luxury brand watchmaker’s production unit and delivery schedules. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the global supply of Rolex and other premium brands will hit a new low relative to the ever-increasing demand.

With supply so low, retail and authorised dealers will offer discounts, and in turn, the prices on the pre-owned market will exceed the current values. So if you’ve been searching for ‘sell my Rolex’ online, head straight to a reliable watch buyer to get a desirable amount.

  1. Brand New Collaborations

One of the most successful collaborations in recent times is the Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co., Nautilus. But as it seems, more such significant collaborations are in queue!

Of course, it is an excellent way to leverage the brand’s combined equity, but you also cannot ignore the intelligent marketing strategy. Such exclusive collaborations between top brands will fetch impressive values in the secondary market. Moreover, vintage and neo-vintage collaboration pieces will appreciate tenfold.

For instance, if you own a Rolex Domino’s Pizza Air-King or any Royal Family-signed dial with retailer-signed watches, your luck is shining, folk!


This is all for now. 2022 has just started, and the first week has already bestowed everyone with quite a few surprises. Good or bad, we leave it up to you! But if you are on the list of those looking to sell Rolex, prior congratulations, my friend!

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