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When Do You Need A Plumber For A Clogged Toilet?

What are clogged toilets? A clogged toilet is the toilet attached to a drain that is not clean. Unclean drains lead to the slow passage of water and waste since you have a blocked toilet.

How does a toilet get clogged?

Many people have this unethical habit of throwing away unwanted waste in the toilet. These wastes may include edible remains- which can easily be decomposed and used as manure, wrappers, sanitary napkins, newspapers, etc. These wastes act as barriers and do not allow the smooth passing of wastes and water. This is when one has a blocked toilet.

How do we understand if we have a clogged toilet?

One can never know that his or her toilet is clogged until they try and flush out the waste. But, unfortunately, when you flush a toilet that is clogged, the water does not flow that is a sign of clogs in the trap or the pipelines.

Can a clogged toilet be treated at home, and what are some precautions?

Yes, One can make use of the plungers and try to clean up the blocked toilet. Even after regular maintenance and avoiding any dirt to collect in the traps there are maybe clogs. It can be soap foams or minerals of water that cause clogs. Whatever may be the problems you can try the DIY hacks.

 People often follow certain remedies given to them by their home keepers about keeping a drain tidy.

Some hacks to get rid of a clogged toilet.

1) Pour boiling water into the drain. This will cause the melting down of all the crap and waste that could be stuck.

2) Use a plunger regularly for about two to three days, and you might solve the problem.

3) add some baking soda to a glass of water. Stir the mixture well. Pour this mixture into your drain. This will break down any sort of blockage and will clear up your blocked toilet.

4) You may also use some epsum salt or make your own bath bomb using the same.

5) Avoid cleaning your toilets with disinfectants. Instead, make use of fizzier things like soda, salts, etc.

What happens if a clogged toilet is left just like that?

Everyone should understand that not everything can be flushed down the drain. You cannot have diapers, sanitary pads, cotton, etc., flushed in there! These materials are meant to be disposed of in a way that they do not hamper normal living. They should be put in the trash and nowhere in the washrooms!

Nowadays, many products are available in the market and online stores to solve this problem of blocked toilets. However, every person’s duty and responsibility is to understand the right way of disposing of their waste. Therefore, the need of the hour is to educate people about disposable and about the non- disposal waste.

Plumber at rescue

Sometimes, this problem of having a blocked toilet becomes too extreme, and one must not wait for this problem to worsen. A plumber can be called to solve this problem quickly. They have several plumbing tools which can unclog your toilet within minutes.

Before calling a plumber:

1) Make sure he is a reputed plumber and has knowledge about what he is doing.

2) Make sure the services are affordable and within your budget.

3) If necessary you can ask the plumber to use chemicals that cause no harm to your tiles and toilet seat.

The Bottom Line

If you think your bathroom is clogged, it is advisable to hire professionals cleaners for your blocked toilet.

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