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What Should You Know About Baby Movement

It shows that you have a real baby inside. After getting pregnant, you will start to notice the movement of your baby in the belly. The mother becomes so happy when her baby moves around the belly. However, it is really important to notice the baby movement, especially during the third trimester. It determines that your baby is healthy, fit, and alive. 

Usually, the movement of a baby is different from one woman to another. However, it depends upon the development and growth of the foetal. Sometimes, women do not feel the movement of the baby. If the baby is alive, he/she will move around the belly. The duration of moving the baby may vary. Let’s discuss some important facts about the movement of the baby inside the belly!

When Does a Baby Start to Move around the Belly?

Feeling the movement of the baby is a priceless thing for every couple. Sometimes, some primary fluttery movements are known as quickening. The movement of the baby will make you feel like bubbles in the abdomen. Also, some human beings consider these bubbles as gas. But, it is not true! Here are some important points in this context:

  • Commonly, pregnant women start to feel the movement of the baby during the second trimester. In other words, you can feel your baby from 16 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. 
  • If it is your first pregnancy, you may have to wait for more time. In such a situation, you may notice the movement between 20 and 22 weeks of your pregnancy.
  • However, other pregnant women start to feel the movement from 16 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Indeed, every pregnancy is different. No one can assume the right time for the foetal movement. It depends upon the situation and activeness of your baby.
  • In case of infertility problems, it is better to contact the best IVF doctors in Bangalore.

Which Types of Movement will you feel in the Second Trimester?

Honestly, the second trimester is a happy period for pregnant women. You will no longer be able to experience morning sickness during the second trimester. However, some tiredness will always be attached until the pregnancy is complete. The movement of your baby during the second trimester may be unforeseeable. 

Afterwards, you will start to feel the first fluttery movements of the baby. When your baby starts to grow and gets larger, the movement will be also larger. At this time, pregnant women may have to face some kicks and punches inside the abdomen. Also, you will notice some stretches and other kinds of foetal movements.

Don’t forget to go through pregnancy check-ups on a timely basis. However, you can also hear the heartbeat and other voices with the help of an ultrasound. In this regard, your doctor will guide you accordingly.

What are the Causes of Decreased Movements of Baby?

There may be harmless causes of reduced movements. Well, every baby starts to move around the belly during pregnancy. Sometimes, most of the women don’t notice the foetal movements. Also, some pregnant women try to notice the movement while the baby is sleeping. Thus, the timing of your observation may be different from the foetal movements. 

However, there may be several reasons behind decreasing the foetal movement. It may be possible that your baby is growing slowly. Or there may be an issue with the placenta of the baby or with your womb. Additionally, your baby may be in the condition of a nuchal cord. Hence, here are some important facts to follow in such a situation:

  • First of all, visit your doctor immediately. If you are under infertility treatment, you may also visit the fertility centre in Bangalore.
  • Your doctor will perform some examinations to determine the kick counts of your baby.
  • Also, doctors can perform a few non-stress tests to check the heart rate of the baby and movements. 
  • Three-dimensional ultrasound is another alternative to check out the foetal movements. Through this ultrasound, the doctor can check the exact position of your baby. It is the best way to know the accurate growth and development of your baby.
  • In reality, you may also have to do some monitoring at home. However, several monitoring devices are available to track foetal movements. 

Some Tips to Increase the Foetal Movements

If you are facing infertility issues, it is advised to go through infertility treatment in Bangalore. Otherwise, you may also increase the movements of your baby. Here are some essential steps:

  • Consume a snack and drink some sweet orange juice.
  • Stand up and start to move around.
  • Try to radiate a flashlight on your belly.
  • Make sure to talk with your baby.
  • You should push or poke where you feel the baby in your belly. 

Last Words

The foetal movement is an essential part of the pregnancy. If you are not feeling the movement of the baby, contact your doctor immediately. Also, you should follow the guidelines of your doctors.

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