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SSBBW means Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman. This slang term refers to women who are over weight. These women are referred to as “Sized Beauty” in the United Kingdom and America.

The term originated in Nigeria, where it was slang for “sson baw girls.” The word later found its way into the UK’s media and is used extensively in the United States.


The meaning of the term varies, but in general, it’s a reference to women who are obese.

Some people are morbidly obese, while others are merely overweight. The term SSBBW refers to women who are overweight but have curves.

Regardless of the underlying reason, it emphasizes that larger women are more desirable and do not have to eat to look like a supermodel.


In the online world, SSBBW is a popular acronym used to promote individuals. On social media, it is often used to identify women who want to attract other women and promote their profiles.

The hashtag often links to sites that feature sexual content. While BBW stands for body weight, SSBBW stands for a large stomach.

It is most commonly used in chat forums and online dating websites. This term is often followed by a URL.


The term SSBBW is sometimes used as a synonym for BBW. In the movie industry, the SSBBW refers to a woman with a disproportionately large size, averaging between two to three times that of a male counterpart. While this definition may seem absurd, it is based on the reality of women in movies that are similar to these models.

The BSW’s shoe size is very similar to the size of the BBW’s feet, and they’re often much bigger than the male counterparts.


SSBBW is an acronym for a woman who is obese. The acronym is often used on chat forums and online dating sites.

In these communities, the SSBBW tag is a great way to promote yourself to other women. It’s also a popular tag on adult entertainment websites, but it is not necessarily a sign of a woman’s size. It’s not meant to be a bad thing.


The SSBBW meaning is often found on chat forums and online dating websites. They are similar to Big Foot in terms of shoe size, status, and more.

There are several people who claim to have encountered SSBBWs, but their pictures are usually blurry and unreliable.

So it’s important to make sense of the acronyms. They can be confusing, but they can also be a good way to promote yourself.

If you’re an overweight woman, you may have heard the term “SSBBW.” It’s a popular way to describe obese women on adult entertainment websites, and it’s not always a bad thing to be overweight.

In fact, this term is used for many reasons, including the fact that women of this size and shape have larger stomachs than normal. They are also considered to be Super Size Big Beautiful.


As you can see, the meaning of this term varies from person to person. However, the acronym is commonly used on online dating sites, chat forums, and social media.

SSBBW is a women who weighs more than 400 pounds. These are the most common terms of SSBBW. If you’re a woman who wants to attract a man, then you should be aware of this term’s meaning.


An term is a super-sized Big Beautiful Woman with a stomach that’s at least 500 pounds. She is also a member of the XXL club.

And she is a “Super-Size” in another way. It’s a popular term on adult entertainment websites. She is a Super-Size BBW.

They have been tagged as SSBBWs because they’re very fat.

The term stands for Super-Sized Big Beautiful Women. It’s a sub-genre of BBW and is used to refer to women who are over four feet tall and weigh between 110 and 350 pounds.

The term SSBBW is also used on personal dating sites. In the UK, it’s a woman who wears a Wii and is super-sized.


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