What Do Car Lovers Think About Proton

Proton is making significant in-roads into the Pakistani automobile market which has also lately seen the entry of several new global automotive brands. These entrants are introducing the new generation technologies and latest features and technologies and Car lovers knew that all the models with top-of-the-line features and specifications that customers long for.

They have started to develop new designs and up-to-date models that embody futuristic technology and innovative production techniques. Right now, in the year, 2021 Proton is leading the way with Research & Development with significant user interest in the Proton Brand and countless prospective customers are searching for these reviews online as they want to make a decision regarding the purchase of Proton Vehicles. So our team various car lovers and asked them to take out some time and give us their reviews about Proton Vehicles.

And let us tell mostly all of them agreed and more than fifty people came and all of them have provided similar reviews which were overwhelmingly positive. It is heartening to know that none of them have provided any negative comments about the vehicle.

Car Lover Viewpoint Of Proton:

It Makes Them Feel Good:

As we all know that proton cars have been gaining too much attention, and people have started to wonder about how car lovers think about Proton. So we contacted various car lovers throughout the nation of Pakistan, and let us tell you all fifty people agreed to come to our studio and share their viewpoint about Proton Vehicles.

When all of them came to Karachi for a visit, we took them to a secured area where two models of Proton Cars were parked. When we had arrived at the location, and we were about to go out of the bus, some people showed their excitement regarding the Proton Vehicles. Some all them said that both of the models of Proton vehicles were looking beautiful aesthetically and were etching to take it for a long drive from there and then

Makes Them Fall In Love:

As mentioned above, when few people showed their excitement regarding Proton vehicles, everyone else attention also got attracted towards the cars and everyone wanted to see both the Proton models. When all of them saw the new Proton Saga ACE and the Proton X70, they fell instantly in love with these cars which struck an emotional connection with them and they wanted to take them home right away with them.

This tells us that whether or not a person is driving a car not it’s easy for them to fall in love with a car if the car looks great aesthetically and they tend to develop an emotional attachment to their Vehicles. And when a man purchases his dream car, then you monitor his actions closely because there is a significant likelihood of the car carving out a special place in his heart.

Car Isn’t Just A Practical Thing:

Each character has their own individual point of view. For example, a woman thinks of a car as a luxury item and is sometimes focused. On what a car can do for them. But for men, things are different because when men purchase. The most cherished vehicles that they wanted, such as the new Proton X70. Are looking for a complete solution that gives a seamless driving experience.

That’s when a symptom is developing, which is also identifies as “Asthropomorphize,”. Which means that a person has developed an emotional feeling. And research proves that men see their vehicles as an extension of their own personalities. And some experts also believe that when car lovers see their Vehicles, they will view it as their second wife.


When all the people come from various regions throughout Pakistan. And every single of them drove both the Proton Saga ACE and Proton X70. They provided positive reviews about the vehicles.

And some even said that they were feeling in complete control of their own destiny. Nowadays, electronics, cars, and advanced GPS systems may take over us when there’s a need. But we can still enjoy those moments when driving on an open road. And when driving, there is no pressure, criticism, or stress, just a long stretched open road. And feeling a seamless moment of joy of a long drive.


When all of them are done driving the car, we also ask about the comfort level they feels after driving. The vehicle and also ask the users if they think that is older people. Will be able to drive it efficiently and with ease. And all of them provide positive reviews, and some even said that for those. Who have older relatives and are trying to find a car. Proton cars are perfect for them that including the Proton Saga ACE and Proton.

Because with the advanced features and both auto and manual transmission. Older people will drive them with more ease and convenience… And above all, Proton has parking sensors in both of its vehicles. When the car has to be parks, this sensor will assist the driver greatly in parking in a hassle-free manner.

Wrapping Up:

And that’s all for today. We hope in today’s blog you will have all your queries answered; if not, mention them in the comments section beneath we will get back to you as swiftly as possible.

And if you have suggestions related to the topic, then also mention them. And we will discuss them in the future topics that will follow. Until then, see you next time. Goodbye.


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