What are the risks of skin cancer?

Over one million types of skin cancer discovered every year in United States, representing about 50 percent of all cancers discovered across the nation. Skin cancer is on the significant rise. There are more skin cancers among us in the present than there were twenty years ago. With this increase there is a 50/50 chance of developing at minimum one skin cancer when you reach 70.

At 70, you have a 1-in-2 chance of having multiple skin cancers. This is a very real threat for many people. Especially those who have fair complexions and/or a family history of skin cancer. A person with these characteristics has approximately five times greater risk of getting skin cancer than someone without the same characteristics. Most skin cancers are cured by simple surgery. However, some can be quite advanced when detected. When this happens, other more aggressive treatments may be necessary. These include chemotherapy and radiation. Both of which have serious side effects.

Why skin is important? What are the risks of skin cancer?

Skin is important because… It shields our bodies from bacteria, viruses, toxins and the sun. If you have a healthy, thick layer of skin, it keeps harmful substances out and allows beneficial substances like vitamin D to enter your body. Without enough vitamin D, you are more likely to get bone disease, diabetes, heart disease, and possibly even cancer.

The skin also helps regulate our body’s temperature. It is the largest organ in the body. And, when functioning properly, it removes waste products, toxins and dead skin cells that keep us healthy. When the skin is unhealthy, it can let toxins into the body and increase the risk for many diseases.

The skin is the largest immune organ in the body. When we have an infection or a wound on the skin, the immune system sends white blood cells to fight off the bad guy. These white blood cells help protect us from many infections and diseases. When we have a cut on the skin, it usually heals by itself without any medicine. However, sometimes a cut or sore will not heal properly. This could be due to a number of reasons. One of which is a lack of vitamin C. Normally I use Jericho Hand Cream ( every night before go to bed.

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Another is an unhealthy skin. An unhealthy skin can lead to a slow or non-healing wound. Also, an unhealthy skin can become infected. When this happens, you need to see your doctor. He will give you an appropriate antibiotic to speed up the healing process.

This is particularly relevant if you have fair skin. Skin cancer can happen for any race, those who have lighter skin are at greater risk due to the fact that their skin is less enriched with melanin pigment, which can help protect you from an excessive dose of harmful ultraviolet rays. This can cause skin cancer as time passes. The impact is believed to be to be cumulative. Evidence suggests that this could be the case when you choose to take with the “fake bake” route of tanning salons.

Benefits of using organic products for skin care

There are many benefits to using organic products for your skin care regimen. Some of the main benefits include: They are safer for your skin. Many people think that because they are “organic” their product is 100% safe. This is not true. There are still chemicals in most conventional products.

These may be very low levels of toxicity but, they are still there. And, when you use these products over a long period of time, it adds up. The chemicals your body is exposed to are similar to those found in cigarette smoke. They slowly add up over time and cause many health problems. Using organic products helps your body detoxify and flush out these chemicals. This results in better health and a stronger immune system. It is cheaper. You will pay more for organic products in the short term.

However, in the long term, it will be cheaper for you. Why? Simply because you will not have to spend as much on medical bills and prescriptions. It is kinder to the environment. When you use conventional products, you are putting tons of toxic chemicals into our water supply and onto our landfills.

This is extremely bad for the environment. Using organic products is much kinder to our planet. It is also good for the farmers who grow the organic produce. And, it is good for the workers who make the organic products. They are usually much better paid than their non-organic counterparts. And, they have fewer health problems. Why? Because they do not have to use as many toxic chemicals on their bodies.

They tend to work outdoors in the fresh air rather than spend their days inside a factory. This gives them a higher quality of life and a longer life. It is better for your skin. Many people think that using organic products will make their skin look unnatural. This is not true. Using organic products will make your skin look healthier and more alive. And, it will give you a healthy glow from within. There are many other benefits to using organic products. But, those are the main ones.

Now, let me ask you something – What are the risks of skin cancer: If you had to choose between safety and benefits, which would you choose? I bet most of you would chose safety. And, I would too. So, why don’t we do both? You see, many conventional products have very low levels of toxicity. However, they can still be harmful to your health. And, using both organic and conventional products together can actually be more dangerous than using only conventional products. Why? Because many conventional products have an “excuse” for being toxic. They claim that their product is safe because it has very low levels of toxicity.

This means that if you go to a tanning salon three times a week for a month and then stop going, your risk of getting skin cancer will still be higher than someone who has never gone at all. This is particularly true for people with fair complexions who have a gene called MC1R, which means they are more likely to burn rather than tan when exposed to UV rays. In other words, the damage is done long before you actually get a tan. To put this in perspective, it is estimated that by the year 2020, one out of every two Americans (50 million people) will be over the age of 50.

Thankfully, the majority of skin cancers, around 95 percent of them, are not life-threatening. Skin cancer is classified into two broad categories such as basal-cell carcinoma / sqamous-cell malignancy as well as the melanoma. The two most prevalent of these cancers are sqamous-cell and basal-cell cancers. They are usually treated easily generally with surgery and seldom cause death. If left untreated in time, they may eventually cause the appearance of a person and can also spread to other areas with devastating consequences.

Just 5 percent of Skin cancers that are cancerous, however, they are much more deadly and contribute to nearly all deaths caused by skin cancer. This kind of cancer is very aggressive and should be treated promptly. As with all cancers, the chance of developing malignant melanomas will increase as you the advancing years. If you suspect that you’ve been diagnosed with any kind of skin cancer, make certain to consult an dermatologist right away.

How to choose organic products for skin care

There are many great reasons to use organic products. What are the risks of skin cancer – The first and most obvious reason is that conventional products often contain harsh chemicals that can do a number on your skin. But there’s another, less-obvious reason that is just as important… and that is… organic products are often much more affordable than their conventional counterparts.

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