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What are The Buccal Fat Removal Processes?

The whole world is becoming more and more conscious regarding their looks. We think that everyone is beautiful in their way. Though if you are worried about your looks and want to have a new style, we are here to help you like always.

The Buccal Fat Removal┬áprocess is now widely being used. The fat which takes place at the buccal cavity, makes us look like children and sometimes like old men. At later ages, those make our faces more complicated. That’s why nowadays everyone is doing the fat removal process either naturally or by surgery.

We are giving you all the popular buccal fat removal processes in this article. Let’s see what are those.

  1. Bichectomy

Bichectomy is a widely used and applied Buccal Fat Removal process. Nowadays, most people are doing this because of two reasons. It gives a permanent solution of fat removing process in the buccal cavity and secondly, it is done through the mouth. So, there will be no scar marks on your face. The list of precautions will be huge. Se tests should be done too. The average recovery rate is 3 months only.

  1. Lipectomy

Lipectomy is being done on the face. In the places where excessive fat is stored, the prime task is to marks them. It can be done on cheekbones, chin, jawline, and neck areas. The lipectomy can be done in an animated place however these options are available. The recovery rate is 3 to 4 months. It is a permanent solution too as the fat pads will be removed permanently.

  1. Liposuction

Liposuction is the third and oldest popular fat removal process. It is also done on the face. It is especially done on the buccal cavity but in some cases, also can be applied in various places. The procedure is very interesting. There is a large tube called a cannula. It is being inserted after applying local anesthesia and forceps. After the areas are being cut, next the cannula will suck the fat layers from there. This suction is the main task. After the successful operation, the stitches will be done. It can be a lengthy process compared to others. The recovery rate is still constant, it is 3 to 4 months.

  1. Endermologie

This process is very interesting. Here two compound methods are being applied. The invasion and the massage methods are being done simultaneously. The specific areas are being sucked and massaged out. It increases the production of collagen by breaking the fat layers. Thus it helps your body to generate more and more fibers to make your skin tight.

These are the main procedure of Buccal Fat Removal in surgical ways. You have to find the perfect surgeon, in any case, you are interested. Some of the procedures are rare but not unavailable completely. There are some natural ways to remove the fat from the buccal cavity. Let’s see.

  1. Maintaining the Diet

Diet is an issue where every problem in our body can be solved. We’ll recommend you remove all kinds of junk foods and fatty foods too. These are harmful to your body as cholesterol can decrease fluid flow. Include vitamin B, C, and Vitamin D enriched food. We’ll also recommend you to leave excessive carbohydrates intake.

  1. Doing Exercises

If you are doing hands, lengs, and abs regularly, it won’t affect your buccal cavity. You should do compound exercises to remove the buccal fat too. You can also do hand massage at the buccal cavities to break the fat layers by pressure. Thus you can have a good result.

  1. Lap Band

It is a natural method too. A lap band is available for the stomach. You can take a diet intake capacity chart from your doctor. Then according to the amount, you can set the bandwidth. Then wear it. It can be an automatic fat decrement device.

The natural ways are lengthy. The most important thing is, though the results are not permanent there are no side effects. If you follow the natural ways properly, you’ll get more benefits from it. Chewing gum is another great solution for fat removal.

Final Words

There are many ways to remove fat. The natural and surgical ways are best. Never go for capsule intake which demands fat loss. Those are full of side effects. The surgical ways can give you permanent results but some risks are included too. On the other hand, from the discussion, you have seen the natural ways are free from every risk but temporary. You need to keep going every day.

We hope, we made our point clear on the methods of buccal fat removal processes. Have a conversation with your doctor and go for the best.

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