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Top 7 Ideas to Increase Under the Bed Storage Space

We all find ourselves struggling to put together loads of beddings, clothes, and other items. There is a chair in the corner in almost every household, used to keep all the extra items. Similarly, under the bed storage space is another great storage idea for keeping all your things in one place.

However, it is always better to have a more organized way of storing your items. You would be surprised to see how just a few simple ideas, such as the Comforter holder rack, can help you transform your storage strategy.

Read on this article to find some interesting ways to add up the storage space under the bed.

1- Use a Comforter holder

As winter arrives, we start looking for those big and bulky comforters and blankets. However, the problem with these comforters is that they occupy too much space and is hard to organize in the morning. That is where the role of the Comforter holder rack comes into play. As the name suggests, a comforter holder keeps your comforters and blankets organized in one place. In addition to this, you won’t need to worry about making a bed in the morning. As the blanket storage rack also assists in making the bed and helps develop the habit of making your bed neat every day.

2- Use Organizers in Place of Shoe Boxes

Are you also one of those fanatic shoe lovers whose shoe rack ends up getting loaded with tons of shoes? If yes, then this under-the-bed storage idea is definitely for you. You should consider getting a set of zippers shoe organizers and storing the shoes under the bed storage instead of loading up the shoe racks. The plastic cover of the zippers easily lets you see the shoes and keeps the dust and dirt away from the shoes.

3- Get a Bed Rinsers

As the name suggests, Bed Rinsers lift the bed to create ample space underneath the bed. The bed rinsers are commonly large blocks that are placed under the bed to raise them. You can use the bed rinsers to create extra storage for storing your essential items. Moreover, they are widely available in various sizes to choose from according to your bed. For example, you can go for a wooden rinser or extra-tall white rinsers alike. Thus, you can get the best rinser according to your preference to create ample storage space for yourself.

4- Baskets and Boxes

One of the simplest ways to store your items under the bed is storing them in baskets and boxes. From open space boxes to customized baskets, there are many options for storing items under the bed. Many of these boxes are custom-made to prevent scuffing the floor while sliding out of bed. Additionally, you can also equip the boxes with a slider under the bed. So, you can keep all the frequently used items like books, clothes, craft supplies, etc., and access them whenever the need arises.

5- Storage Bins with Wheels

Once you are done lifting the bed higher from the floor, picking up a few drawers with wheels won’t be a bad idea for storage. The best part about storage bins is that you have tons of options to choose from. You can get classic vintage storage bins, or you can also opt for a transparent one for viewing your clothes and blankets. Additionally, you can make your storage bin at home. All you need is a dresser and attach some small wheels on the bottom of drawers for sliding.

6- Store Suitcases Inside Each Other

If your closet is also loaded with tons of suitcases and luggage, then we might have just the right place to store them for you. You can simply stash all your luggage and suitcases under the bed storage. In addition to this, you can also store smaller suitcases inside the bigger ones to optimize the storage space even more.

7- Use Storage Bags

When it comes to saving storage space, we cannot stress the importance of good-quality storage bags. The storage bags are convenient to stack up against your extra items and save lots of storage space. They are best for large items like pillows and comforters. Additionally, they help reduce the constant mold, mildew, and wrinkles on the sheets that might occur if stored under the bed. Moreover, they are quite durable and promising enough to last for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Under the bed, storage space is one of the most convenient spaces to store extra items. However, it is not the only solution to your problem of storage space. We have listed down some of the most creative ideas to help you store your extra items. In addition to this, you might also use a quilt holder to store your extra beddings and blankets.

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