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The Right Way to Make Your Bed – Layered Up!

Your bedding can play a huge role in how neat, organized and pretty your room looks. It’s a prominent part of your bedroom interior decoration that needs attention to detail. While you may think a single layer bed is the easiest way to go, it’s not the cosiest or most convenient one.

With a layered-up bed, you can easily choose to cover up depending on how hot or cold you are feeling. You also get the comfiest and restful place to nap or sleep in, just like the beds done for you at a hotel. If you haven’t layered up your bed before, the process can be a slightly confusing and complicating one. Keep reading as we try to guide you through the process of making your bed the right way!

Cover up your mattress

The best and only way to cover up your mattress is to opt for a fitted bedsheet! Fitted sheets are known to cover your mattress perfectly in every corner. This helps protect your mattress from mould, dirt and debris collecting up which can eventually lead to hygiene issues.

It’s time to add on the top sheet

When it comes to draping your top sheet on the mattress you need to neatly tuck it under the mattress. However, the trick to do it right is to only tuck the sides and the foot of the bed while keeping the top part folded back. While plain white sheets are a rich touch, you can play around with prints and patterns too!

You cannot go wrong with a quilt

Unlike the top sheet, when it comes to placing your quilt on the bed as the next layer, you need to fold both the top and bottom part of it in order to give it the more glamorous touch! If you’re looking for quilt covers Australia has some great options to choose from! Do make sure to tuck in the sides though!

Layer up with the duvet

As for the next step, you can go ahead and layer it up once more with either a duvet or a comforter. This final layer keeps your bed looking plush and absolutely cosy! You have two ways to how you can choose to layer your duvet. While you can simply drape it on the bottom third of the bed, you can also fold it and let it hang over the sides.

Throw in your pillows now

Once the sheets are all layered up, it’s time to layer up your pillows in the order of importance as well as size. First comes your sleeping pillows after which you can add in touches of throw pillows that will help accentuate your entire bedroom’s interior. Make sure to fluff your pillows and keep them in the finest of form. Chopping the top of your throw pillows are also an added effect to the whole set-up!

You can also choose to add in finishing touches such as a throw blanket at the foot of your bed.

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