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The formula for your children to pick up their toys

Tips for getting kids to put away their toys

Among the simplest or. But first, you’ll need to show them how it’s done. You can start with games and songs, good space planning, and applying certain rules, such as never picking up for them, although with them. And, of course, they will always learn faster with your example, Tips for getting kids to put away their toys

But it may happen that, although they know how to have their games in order, they don’t do it as often as is desirable. So what do you do as parents to get them to pick up the toys? According to researchers from Harvard University (USA), you should follow these tips:

Ask your child to do a specific thing

Sometimes we demand that they carry out so many things simultaneously that even we would not be able to do it, so the little one does not do it, and we get angry for no reason. So do not ask with questions, but with a clear and concise request. An example: “Please put the dinosaurs in their box.” And as soon as he finishes doing that task, do another one: “Please, put the paints in the case.”

Give him time to do it

 The American university recommends mentally counting up to five seconds, the time needed to process (and understand) the request and execute it. You can also do it aloud and even wait until the round number of 10. But the important thing is that you understand what you have been asked to Princess Coloring Pages.

If the child does not pick up, repeat the request

 But on this occasion, you must warn him of the consequences of not doing it. The consequence must be logical and proportionate to the non-execution of the request you have made. Thus, you cannot think of consequences that last over time (you do not play for a week), which does not make sense to the child. This “can create more frustration and rejection”, they warn from Harvard. Continuing with the same example, this would be an appropriate consequence: “If you don’t put the dinosaurs in their box, you won’t be able to play with them until tomorrow.”

Again, give it the same amount of time

If before you waited five or ten seconds to see his reaction, now also count to five or ten for him to start making your request.

Has your son picked up? Acknowledge their behaviour

Positive reinforcement always helps reinforce good behaviours. Therefore, never forget to congratulate him enthusiastically for his well-done concrete action. This praise is good if it is always accompanied by an affectionate gesture, such as a pat on the back, a thumb of approval or a wink, for example .

Haven’t you picked up your toys?

Carry out your warning if he has not done what you asked, calmly and. , remind him that, as you warned him, his inaction has immediate consequences. Clearly and concisely tell him what you will do. Following the example: “As you have not put the dinosaurs in the corresponding box, you will not play with them until tomorrow.” And put the toy out of his reach. As experts from Harvard University advise, staying as calm as possible is key to achieving your goal, as well as creating a logical and consistent consequence.

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